Lost Vape Orion Review, A Superior Pod Device?


Lost Vape Orion Review, A Superior Pod Device?

The original Orion DNA Go device made some big waves when it first hit the market. It was the very first compact Pod vape device to offer users an actual intelligent and programmable chipset and it’s amazing sales are proof that vapers are willing to pay extra for advanced technology in a Pod device. Shortly after the Orion DNA GO, Lost Vapes released the Orion Q, a slightly downgraded version of the original Orion Pod device. The Orion Q is a recreation of the original device minus the DNA Go chipset inside. This brings the price down to a much more affordable point for most entry level users while still delivering the same excellent vaping power.

If you’ve been looking into compact and portable vapes, but you’re still not sure which one to go with, then this review is for YOU! Let me tell you all about the fantastic Lost Vape Orion and its baby brother, the Orion Q.

The Looks

Lost Vape Orion Q

 Lost Vape really went above and beyond on the design for these pod devices, including a wide variety of frame colors and beautiful resin or chic carbon fiber inlays to choose from. A laser etched ORION logo sits at the top of the front panel and lets everyone know you’re a classy vaper. If you’re looking for the pinnacle of subtle chic styling in your vaporizer, Orion is the way to go!  

How it Works

Both the Orion and the Orion Q perform excellently as pod devices. With both versions of the Orion you can select pre-programmed firing modes to adjust the wattage output of your pod. There’s only a handful of devices on the market right now that can boast a similar feature, and none of them perform half as well as the Orion does.

Lost Vape Orion Review


Not to mention, with the DNA version you have a whole host of options that allow you to program specific wattages so you can customize your pod experience. That particular feature, programmable and customisable firmware, is something that only the Orion DNA Go can provide with its advanced DNA chip. This little pod device packs more features into it than most full sized mods!

The Verdict

So what’s a vaper to do? There are so many choices of different pod devices to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is best. Here’s my advice to you, and it's something I’ve heard very often in life. You get what you pay for. The secret of pod devices is that so many of them are dirt cheap because they cost next to nothing to produce, but the quality and long term lifespan of these devices is questionable at best.

With the Lost Vape Orion devices, you’re paying a bit more than just about any other pod system out there, its true. But the amount of features and customizability packed into the Orion make it well worth the higher price point in my opinion. Any company that’s mad enough to make a pod device with the famed DNA chipset gets major bonus points in my book.


Have you tried an Orion device? What do you think of the DNA chip powered vapes? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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