Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Review



Lost Vape Orion DNA GO Review

By Nathan Kreikemeier

The Lost Vape Orion is the newest device with a DNA chip and the only pod system to have a DNA chip. The device promises variable wattage and replay mode, this is more customizable than any other pod system on the market today. It works MTL, DL, and produces a surprising amount of vapor for such a small device.

You have six different finishes and a special edition to choose from. Black/Gold/Silver frame with a carbon fiber or scallop inlay. I prefer the Project Sub-Ohm Edition, but to each their own.
The Orion is incredibly pocket friendly. It is amazing what a few millimeters off the width of a mod will do to “printing” in your pocket. I will print with my Breeze 2, but the Orion is half the width and will sit in my pocket almost unnoticeable.
The Lost Vape Orion reminds me of the Aspire Breeze 2 in many ways. With similar airflow and a similar pod replacement system, if you liked the Breeze 2 you will like the Orion even more. At first glance, the Orion is obviously built of higher quality materials and is more ergonomically designed. The fire button is on the side of the Orion, allowing you to vape with the Orion in your palm and fire with your index finger. With airflow on the top of the pod, you’ll also never need to worry about your hand covering the airflow. The super thin design of the Orion makes it super stealthy and comfortable to vape in your palm.

My main complaint about the Breeze 2 was that the pod systems did not sit securely in the mod and had some “play” when wiggled. I also felt like the plastic construction made the Breeze 2 seem cheap. The Orion has no such problems, with a large billet metal “lock” to hold your pods in place and a metal construction with some pretty great anodized finishes, the Orion improved on everything I found the Breeze lacking in.

One downside to the Orion is that the coils are not replaceable. Orion pods are single use, and then go in the trash. From community feedback and my personal experience, the pods do last quite long. Hopefully in the future we will see replaceable coils or rebuildable pods. Right now we have two choices, .25 or .5 ohm. I am vaping some 40mg nic salts in the .25 and am loving the heavy hitting .25ohm coil. At $4.50 each, they are not cheap to continually replace if you slam on it all day long.
Controlling the Orion is simple. Two buttons, one fire button that will turn the mod on or off when slammed five times. The other adjusts wattage with your choice of low, medium, or high. Adjusting wattage is not really necessary unless you are changing up your juice/coil. Once I chose my setup of .25ohm coil and 40mg nic salts, I did not touch the wattage again. I test ran 3mg freebase on high wattage and my Orion chugged through it no problem.
All in all, I think the Orion is the most versatile pod mod on the market with the highest level of customizability from a pod thus far. With a DNA chip and the Lost Vape name, the community had high expectations for the Orion that so far it has lived up to. 


Grab One For Yourself HERE

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