iJoy Avenger Starter Kit Review


iJoy Avenger Starter Kit Review

By Paige Kautz

I wanted this mod for a long time because of the voice control features. I have some cosmetic concerns about the product, however, but we will start with the pros first.


  • 0.15ohm coils (also from EightVape, 3pk for $10 + shipping) last anywhere from 3,000 puffs to 15,000 puffs at 75.0 watts (4 ish days to over a month for me). Compared to my local store, which sells coils for $6-8 each, and last roughly 1,000-1,500 puffs (about a day or two), I'm saving a lot of money. I like that a lot. 
  • Voice control feature comes in handy when you need to change settings and don't have a free hand. 
  • Light features are super pretty and I love showing off the audio lights that react to the beat of your music. Along with the voice control feature, those are the two features I enjoy showing to other people when talking to others about, and showing my mod.



  • I don't have 21700 batteries, so I have to use my 18650 batteries with the converter sleeve that came in the kit, and I go through anywhere from 4 to 6 sets of batteries per day, sometimes my batteries can't charge faster than the batteries I'm using ate dying, but some of my battery sets are also older so they're prone to dying quicker than my newer sets.
  • Light features turn on when it picks up audio from your tv or your phone or something or someone around you, which drains your batteries even faster. The lights also turn on automatically and you have to turn them off to conserve battery power EVERY time you change batteries, which for me, is quite often.
  • Cosmetically, it looks great. But the second you drop it even from a low height, the paint chips. 


Would I recommend this to others? Sure, but I will give them a list of pros and cons like I have here, and it's up to them to decide whether they want it or not. 
I would probably give this mod 3.5/5.0 stars overall, because performance-wise, it's great. But changing the batteries and having to readjust my previous settings every single time I change the batteries is sort of a hassle.


  • Posted on by dustin jewell

    looks good

  • Posted on by Alan Phu

    First Off, This mod takes 20700 batteries, not 21700. And it comes in different options. The manufacturer provides Kits with batteries & without. It all depends on what your distro or store buys from them. So because you had to use 18650’s mean they bought it without batteries. So that is not really a con. It’s just a con to you because 8vape only carries it without, but you are able to find it with batteries.

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