Geek Vape Aegis Legend 200W Review

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Geek Vape Aegis Legend 200W Review

By Dylan Hartridge



First Impression: 10/10

This mod is absolutely beautiful, the azure trim is personally one of the best looking mods I’ve seen. In person, it actually looks smaller than expected and perfectly cradles in my hand (I do have large hands). The firing button and mode selection buttons all have a great sounding click and take a very solid press to activate, it’s not going off in your bag on accident. The finish is flawless and very well thought out. It has a rubber texture that gives it a secure grip, the leather portion on the back looks classy, and the metal top has a beautiful brushed finish that pairs well with every tank I’ve tried on it.

Performance: 9/10

The thing I love about the Legend is that it’s both simple without extra unnecessary frills but has everything a vaper would want for a go-anywhere mod. The modes of use are: TC (Ti, SS, and Ni compatible), regular Power or Watt mode, Variable Power Control, Bypass, and finally TCR. I’ve heard many criticise the temp control on the Legend, but so far I’ve mainly stuck to TC (with SS316l coils) and have found the results to be excellent. TC mode also lets you set a wattage limit which helps with getting it hot quickly or limiting the ramp up, I’d recommend locking your resistance in TC. The regular power or watts mode works perfectly and is the simplest to get started on, with a range of 5.0-200W. Power mode also automatically displays the voltage potential once you put a tank or coil on, and when firing you’ll see how many amps are being pushed through your atomizer (it should be noted, this is not how much current is being pulled from your batteries as the chip limits that). Variable power control (VPC) is an awesome feature to have, you get 5 different control points and are shown a graph of your power curve. It works very well for getting a quick ramp up then bringing power back down to a more normal level; for non-TC coils like kanthal or Ni80 you’ll be happy to have that control option. Bypass mode uses as much battery as possible, the display is shown in volts and the sub-display shows watts and amperage as you fire. I haven’t used this mode as much but when I’m using the last bit of juice before changing coils I’ll use bypass. It’s a cool feature but not nearly as useful as the other modes, some describe it as the closest you can get to a mechanical mod experience on a regulated device. Finally TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) is a temp control mode that lets you set your own value, unlike the other TC modes where that variable is preset. Basically as a metal wire increases in temperature, the resistance of that wire also increases which is how normal TC mode works, the chip reads the changing resistance and knows what temperature it’s at. So if you weren’t having good results in one of the TC modes you could use TCR for a customized experience. I have yet to even try TCR out since I’ve had great results in the regular TC mode, this is definitely an advanced option that you should research before attempting to use.


Features/Details: 10/10

The very best feature of this mod would have to be how durable it is made. For someone like myself in the construction industry, I couldn’t ask for a better vape. It’s water resistant, capable of taking up to 30 minutes submerged in water up to 1 meter deep. It’s military grade shock/drop resistant, capable of taking up to a 1 meter fall with zero breakage. Finally, it’s IP67 dust resistant, capable of being exposed to a dirty environment with no damage and easily cleaned after. Personally I’ve already dropped mine onto a very hard wood floor and it took absolutely no damage and worked fine afterwards, you couldn’t tell it had even fallen. It has a micro usb port on top for updating firmware and you can charge through it (I’d always recommend using a dedicated external battery charger), it also has a plug in the port to keep it water resistant. The mod takes two 18650 batteries and the battery door has special one-way valves, in case a battery starts venting it will push the valves out allowing pressure to escape which is very important. The one way valves stop water from entering the battery department. The Geek Vape AS chipset in this mod has an incredibly fast firing speed, better than most on the market besides very expensive high end products. It’s an awesome, highly acclaimed chip and definitely helps make the mod what it is. The OLED screen display has adjustable brightness, 3 different color options (blue, red, and purple), a puff count display, locking capability, and a stealth mode which shuts down the display but still allows you to fire the mod. The mod itself has six different protection warnings: No coil, Atomizer Short, Resistance High, 10s Cut-Off, Low Battery, and Lower Wattage. These features are all incredibly important for a safe and enjoyable vaping experience.


Final Thoughts/Suggestions: 9.7/10

Overall this is an amazing mod and I highly recommend it as a very solid and durable product. The value you get for the price is better than any other I’ve seen, in my opinion. When first receiving it, make sure to upgrade the firmware immediately to get improved battery life. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using it with both a sub-ohm tank when I’m out and about, and a rda when at home. With up to 200W I can blow gigantic clouds and the degree of control allows you to get the perfect settings for insane flavor on any tank or rebuildable. The firing button is very comfortable with either my thumb or index finger, the curved back allows it to sit snugly in hand. The kit also includes a micro usb charge cable, instruction manual and warranty card, extra usb port cap, and micro screws. This has become my go-to vaporizer for anywhere, I don’t have to worry about breaking it while outside and I’ve retired all my other devices for now. Thank you for taking the time to read about my thoughts and I hope you enjoy this product as much as I am!



Get The GeekVape Aegis Legend HERE

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  • Posted on by Brad kuykendall

    I bought 2 of these mods about 4 months ago. It started out working great. Turned it off one day to change my coils in my era when it wouldn’t turn back on. I tried everything to no avail. The other one still works great. Great mod just doesn’t last. Was really disappointed.

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