Upcoming Release: Freemax Maxpod Circle Kit

The Freemax Maxpod Circle Kit vape product with text describing it.

From Freemax comes this spectacular and creative new vape pod kit. The Freemax Maxpod Circle Kit is an imaginative vape device boasting a never-before-seen circular shape with gorgeous panel options as well as a sturdy chain lanyard for easy availability. Its elegant appearance, however, is far from its most incredible feature.

A CGI image of a vape coil with text describing its technology.

 Despite its discreet size, the Maxpod Circle boasts powerful coil technology. The pre-installed NS Mesh Coil has a 1.5ohm resistance and impressive new FM SaltCoilTech 2.0. Unlike many vapes, this coil is designed for use with both nicotine salts (recommended 20-50mg nicotine) as well as freebase vape e-liquids (recommended between 3-18mg nicotine).

The NS Mesh Coil gives the user a better throat hit, an improved mouthfeel, and best of all - its 15% more durable than its competitors.

 An instructional guide to refill the Maxpod Circle kit replacement pods.

The Freemax Maxpod Circle replacement pods are equally well-engineered and designed to make your vape experience simple. The Circle's pods can contain up to 2ml of either nicotine salt or freebase vape juice, and refill quickly and easily with the above shown side-fill system. Its silicon stopper helps prevent leakage and mess during refills and during use.

A graphic containing text and icons describing the Freemax Circle vape's safety features.

Vape with confidence and security when you use the Freemax Maxpod Circle. The device is equipped with low voltage protection, short circuit protection, overtime protection, and open circuit protection. This vape is also child-proof, and only activates when the power button is pressed 5 times consecutively.

A graphic displaying the Maxpod Circle vape's internal 500mAh battery.

The Circle pod device may be small, but the battery sure isn't. At 550mAh, this battery keeps your vape operating all day, and takes only 70 minutes to reach a full charge with the included USB cable.

Four Freemax Maxpod Circle vape devices displayed in an array of colors.

Whether you want to show off a bright and elegant design, or prefer something more demure, the Circle has a color that's right for you. Available in four gorgeous color schemes, the Freemax Maxpod Circle kit is the perfect addition to any vape collection.

Learn more about the incredible Freemax Maxpod Circle Kit and place your order now!

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