FreeMax FireLuke Mesh: The Best Tank For Flavor

FreeMax FireLuke Mesh: The Best Tank For Flavor

By Mike Ruffino


This is hands down the best tank for flavor that I’ve ever used. 


The Fireluke Mesh comes in three options, stainless steel, carbon fiber, and resin. I have the blue carbon fiber and the black resin options. It comes with a 3ml tank, and extra glass. At least that’s what I thought when I dropped my mod and cracked the first one, only to find out my girlfriend threw out the package because she swears it was empty. I ended up buying the 5 ml expansion glass, which worked out in the end because I was constantly filling up the 3 ml.


It also comes with a spare coil, and some extra o-rings. Between the resin and the carbon fiber, I prefer the blue carbon fiber. Personally I think the flavor is a little better on it. I’m not sure if that’s because it provides a stronger flavor, or I just like the taste of carbon fiber- either way, it’s an absolute eye sore.  Originally I had ordered the blue stainless steel, but settled upon receiving an email that it was no longer in stock, and you thought your day was bad. 


The resin version isn’t bad, I just don’t think that it’s as good. Maybe I subconsciously view carbon fiber as a superior material, and my brain tricks me into thinking the “higher quality” material, also provides a better taste. 


Speaking of quality, the tank itself is solid, sturdy, and overall a pretty good bang for your buck, with one exception. The metal piece that sits on the glass and screws into both the top of the coil and the tank top is a serious design flaw. While it allows for the convenience of a top fill,  it’s ridiculously flimsy. In fact,  the reason I bought the second freemax was because the original metal piece had bent so badly that I thought I could no longer use it, and I threw it out because I’m an idiot. A more smarter, more frugal man would’ve simply just bent the piece back so the coil, metal top fill piece, and tank top would all sit flush. Hindsight is 20/20. 


Apart from that, the flavor in the tank is fantastic. You can either buy the SS316 .12 ohm or the kanthal .15 ohm, which comes installed in the tank and is also the extra coil that’s provided. Now one might say, “Mike, what’s really the difference between the two?" And I would say, "according to the internet, not very much.”


However in my own personal experience it’s a matter of flavor versus coil life. The SS316 lasted longer, on average about two weeks, while the kanthal only lasts about a week. The coils themselves are okay, nothing special- I’ve bought five boxes total since I got the tank. Of those coils, the bottom piece that connects to the 510 pin has fallen out on maybe five coils total? I wasn’t pleased about that, but you can’t win ‘em all right?


The tank works well, I’d suggest it to anyone. 



Flavor: 5/5

Clouds: 8/10


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