Aspire Speeder 200W Mod Review


Aspire Speeder 200W Mod Review

By Paul Cook

  I bought this mod several weeks ago, and so far I consider it a great value for the price. It is an average mod, but sold inexpensively.

    I’m writing as a variable wattage user, and I’m not particularly interested in using temperature control features. I vape frequently and am looking for a mod that can take a little punishment and last throughout my work day. 

    First, I’ll run through the positive aspects of my experience with this mod.

    The Aspire Speeder is similar Smok Alien. As a fan of Smok, I am happy with this as a less expensive alternative

    The mod is light, which I appreciate, and the battery door has a locking mechanism, which makes it feel more able to handle a drop. The batteries fit snugly, though the door does rock a bit when you open it. 

    I really like the mod’s side fire mechanism. It’s similar to Smok products, though perhaps not as intuitive. With Smok mods, I can grab and squeeze from nearly any angle to make it fire. It’s easy to fire with either my fingers or my thumb. The Aspire Speeder, while it comes close, isn’t quite as easy to fire. I have to hit the fire mechanism more precisely, and it’s harder to use from both sides the way I prefer. 

    The screen is easy to read, and it gives you all the information you need. Specifically, it displays the wattage, voltage, amperage, ohms and battery life. I don’t always see amperage displayed, and it’s interesting to know what my batteries are really pushing. 

    I really like that it doesn’t measure watts in tenths. When adjusting mods that measure in tenths, I’ve always thought it was annoying to adjust so precisely when a tenth of a watt doesn’t make a perceptible difference to me. This is the first mod I’ve seen that simplifies the watt measurement in this way, making it quick and easy to adjust.

    I like that when the batteries get low, instead of cutting off completely, the mod tapers down. The wattage drops automatically to give you whatever is possible with the power remaining. That way, instead of simply stopping, you can hit the vape a few more times before changing the batteries. This is especially useful when low batteries catch me off guard. 

    The mod has a durable feeling to it, and it’s pleasant to hold in the hand. It also auto senses the coil, which is another convenient feature.

    Now for a few negatives.

    The menu is not intuitive. It does, however, have a lot of options for temperature control.

    I do miss the hit timer feature, which I’ve always found to be a fun feature for seeing how long each hit lasts on the vape. 

    The battery efficiency isn’t great on this mod. When you fire it, the battery indicator fluctuates dramatically. It’s possible this is actually a more precise reading of battery life, but it can be confusing.

    The 510 connector is just glued in, unfortunately, and doesn’t use screws. I’ve had experiences with juice leaking into connectors like this and weakening the sealant, eventually causing the connector to fall out. So far I’m not seeing evidence of this issue on the Aspire, but time will tell. 

    I would buy this mod again, but the battery efficiency concerns me. The mod seems to run through batteries pretty quickly, even new ones. I would be hesitant to recommend the Aspire Speeder to a friend until I have had it longer and have seen more about how the battery issues play out. 

    For the price, however, it’s an excellent backup mod for me. 


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  • Posted on by Teofilo O.

    I snoozed on ordering one so I got the only one available gold and white one but it didn’t matter after I saw how long the batteries lasted!!!!
    You can tell how great the mod was built even though it has plastic but it was not lite some of those carbon fiber ones that are cheap crap mods.

    The Athos tank is awesome for it.
    I would recommend it to all vapors and if you find it on sale all the better!!!!

  • Posted on by Leonard Alexander

    I just got my 2nd speeder kit with the Athos tank. I got the 2nd one as a back up,because of price & Quality. Other than my horizon falcon tank, the Athos tank is my favorite. I love the flavor and smooth air flow. I installed the firm wear upgrade on my 1st speeder because I wanted the puff counter, I’ll do the same with this one. Thanks 8Vape for offering such a great deal on a great setup. I’ll be ordering some A5 coils soon from you. I like doing Business With US companies Like 8Vape!

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