Aspire Odan Review, ASPIRE IS BACK!


Aspire Odan Review

There once was a time where you couldn’t walk into a vape shop or a gas station without seeing the name Aspire. I remember when the nautilus first hit stores and was all the rage, you could walk into any vape shop in the country and they were guaranteed to have Aspire tanks and coils. 

Well it’s been a few years since those days, and besides the Breeze Pod there hasn’t been anything too exciting, but I’m happy to say Aspire is back in a bold new way with the Odan Tank. It features a unique design and mesh coils that hit all the right flavors while you’re vaping.

Aspire Odan Tank Blue

Let’s take a closer look at the tank that might just put Aspire back on the map!

The Looks

This latest offering from Aspire breaks the mold of standard tank design with its flashy glass tube. With the diamond-cut pattern and globular shape of the glass section, this tank is just begging for a light-up coil mod! But even without the added light effects, the Odan certainly has one of the most unique tank designs I’ve ever seen. Of course, it’s also available in a variety of flashy colors and matching resin drip tips. There’s even an option to purchase a crystal version of the tank glass!

Not to mention there’s an entirely new locking mechanism I’ve never seen before on the fill port, which I’ll get into in the next section. It has a triple bottom airflow slot, which is adjustable of course, and features a subtle cutaway design to improve airflow. 

How it Works

I’m a bit split on this one, it doesn’t chuck massive clouds like I usually enjoy doing, but the flavor is fantastic. I suppose I’m probably not the target audience for this tank though. With an 80W power ceiling on its coils, this definitely seems more like a starter tank. But the new mesh coil design provides enough flavor to satisfy my picky palate!

Speaking of new designs, the Odan also features one of the most unique locking systems I’ve ever seen, both on the top cap and internally. Starting with the top cap, it’s a standard slide-to-open but with a unique twist. You have to actually lift the top cap up a millimeter or so and then push the top cap in order to open it. This prevents the tank from sliding open accidentally and spilling E-Juice all over the place. 

Additionally, something I’ve never seen before, there’s a locking mechanism on the internal chimney that's tied to the coils! The way it works is there’s a sliding door within the chimney of the tank, when the coil is pulled out it drags this door down which closes off the coil section from the E-Liquid in the tank. Meaning, you don’t have to empty your tank every time you change your coils. With the price of E-Juice rising that’s precious dollars you’re saving every time you swap coils!

The Verdict

I was really excited to see this latest offering from Aspire, this is one of the most advanced tanks I've ever seen. In fact, I think with the top cap and internal juice locking mechanism, this is probably the most mechanically advanced tank in the entire world right now!

If you want to experience some of the best that vaping has to offer I highly recommend the Aspire Odan tank. It's the perfect jumping-off point for any new vaper interested in sub-ohm tanks. It might not be able to vape at 140W like a SMOK TFV16, but if flavor is what you're after I don't think you could do much better than the Odan.


What do you think of Aspire? Is crystal glass a good accessory for tanks? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


  • Posted on by Leonard Alexander

    I bought an Aspire Odan about s month ago. I really like it. I love the flavor and also the fact that the .02 ohm coil run’s on 35 watt’s, battery life is really extended quite a bit. But that being said I like the .03 coil better even though I run it on 50 watt’s. I think the flavor from the .03 coil is better and it’s a little warmer Vape. The crystal glass has less juice Capacity capacity but I really like the way it look’s. But that subjective some may like the straight glass with the higher capacity. The lift & slide top fill is Genius & the valve inside makes coil change’s a breeze. Good job on this one Aspire, & keep up the good work!

  • Posted on by Donald Smith

    I think its new and a good look. Sick of the same ol glass. This is like church windows so im glad aspire blessed us with this new look!🗣💨💨🚭

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