Sneak Peek - Mojo Ultra Portable Disposable Device

Sneak Peek - Mojo Ultra Portable Disposable Pod Mod Device

Here at EightVape we're proud to announce Mojo’s latest project, an ultra-portable disposable device called the Mojo. The device itself is less than 8 cm in length and the chassis resembles a USB flash drive. At one end, the device curves into a mouthpiece while the other end has a white LED light and a air port for airflow.

From the information we received with the prototype device, the Mojo has a 1.2mL pre-filled salt nic juice capacity with a 5.0% (50mg) salt nic strength. Each Mojo stick is equal to approximately 20 cigarettes.

So far we have been able to try 4 different flavors but we feel safe in assuming that there will be at least 7 flavors as we see 7 different color variations between the Mojo sticks. The Mojo device gives off a tight smooth draw similar to a cigarette and delivers an instant nicotine rush as it has a 50mg salt nic strength.

What makes this device so unique is that it is a fully disposable device meaning after approximately 250+ puffs the device is no longer usable can be thrown out. The plus side to this is that it eliminates the maintenance process of having to recharge the battery, replace the coils, and refill the juice. Making this device more convenient and portable to use without having to be worried about maintaining the product.

The Mojo disposable pod device has attempted to create a comparable alternative to traditional cigarette usage. Just how comparable it is we won't know until we can further test the Mojo and get feedback from other vaper’s.

So far, when compared with other compact disposable devices on the market, the Mojo delivers a satisfying hit with every puff and lasts much longer then other disposables. As our team continues to do more testing on the Mojo device we're looking forward to releasing a full in-depth review in the near future. Stay tuned on to be one of the first people in the world to buy one of these fantastic disposable devices.

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