Memo Re: Shipping Concerns & the PACT Act

Valued customers and vape community, 

Recent amendments to the PACT Act, signed into law as part of an omnibus spending bill, have broadened the definition of tobacco products to include vapes and vaping supplies. This means that e-liquids, mods, kits, disposables, pod systems, and all other vaping items are now defined as tobacco products, and as such, they will be regulated more harshly. 

In fact, Congress has now prohibited USPS from shipping vape products, and FedEx and UPS intend to stop shipping vape products as well. We work with these carriers exclusively to fulfill orders, so we’re forced to adapt swiftly and change service handlers. 

For your information, the carriers will stop shipping vape products on these dates:


  • FedEx, March 1
  • UPS, April 5
  • United States Postal Service (USPS), April 26


We’re working to engage a network of alternative carriers to fulfill our orders, and we’re optimistic about our success, but as a precaution we’re advising customers stock up on vape supplies before the dates above, just to ensure you have what you need.

Our goal is to continue providing fast, affordable delivery of all vape products, but we recognize that customers in remote areas may have greater difficulty receiving vape mail in the future.  

We’ll keep you updated by making new information available once we have it. Thanks to all our loyal customers during this time! 


Eightvape Fam