This Juice Is Worth It

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This Juice Is Worth It

Hey Vapers and Vapettes!

My childhood has been revived! I stumbled up this awesome juice called Batch by Candy King and my Oh my is it good. The excitement I had waiting for this juice to arrive in the mail was unbearable but the guys at Eightvape hooked me up with super quick delivery as always. When I got the text it was delivered, I rushed home from work and opened the package.

The bottle reminded me of stone henge in Britain. Nice blue sky with clouds and green grass with stone figurines in the field. It has a large warning label and a poison control number on the back. (Great for those of us who have kids or are around them). When applying Batch it came out slightly runny with a light caramel color. I had  prepped my new coils and then layered on some juice, test fired ....and BOOM!! Just like my favorite childhood candy.

The flavor was spot on. Upon inhale at 50 watts the sour and sweet goodness hit right at home. The inhale was moderately sour and very sweet. I tasted notes of blue raspberry, orange and lemon Sour Kids. Upon Exhale it was nice and smooth. Exhale left sweetness of the candy on my tongue. I could really taste the fruity candy flavor with a subtle sour note. 

The juice has really dense and solid cloud production. As I Increased the watts to 60 the boldness of flavor started to increase. Then 70 and the flavor started to come alive. I could taste every individual flavor in the candy. It has quickly turned into an all day vape for me. Its so good you want to chain vape all day. After vaping all day the sour started to fade and the juice became sweeter and sweeter.

Batch by Candy King has Amazing flavor and is spot on to the candy. Candy King never lets down and hit this flavor right on the money. But sad to say as with any pro there is a con. Because of the extreme sweetness of the juice it is really hard on your coils.

After only a few days of vaping my cotton had turned dark brown and there was gunk all over my coils. Because of the hard build up the flavor begins to change and deteriorate. After every couple of days of vaping this juice I catch myself having to clean my coils and rewick them to maintain the flavor profiles and cloud performance. As we all know this can be a hassle and will run thru a lot of cotton or coils which can be expensive as well as time consuming.

All in all, if you are looking for a great candy or fruity flavored juice and don't mind cleaning your coils or replacing them often then Batch by Candy King is a solid go to juice.It has quickly become one of my all time favorites. Sometimes for pleasures in life you have to make small sacrifices but Batch by Candy King is definitely worth it!

Happy Vaping  and Vape on! Tell next time... Cookie out

-Cory Cook

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  • Posted on by B James G

    Well written. While Batch was my least favorite of the original 4, it’s still good. The Sour Worms is fire.

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