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Review! Sungrazer by Space Jam

Karina White | September 29 2018

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Review! Sungrazer by Space Jam

By Cory Cook


Hey Vapors and Vapettes!

Its Cookie again here for another E-juice Review! So this juice I was very hesitant about at first because of the description but for the price point I had to give it a go. The juice I'm going to be reviewing is none other than: Sungrazer by Spacejam!


The flavor profile is a glazed lemon cake!


This flavor is part of Spacejam's High VG line which I prefer and personally makes for a smoother vape. Once again big shout out to the guys at for the great prices and speedy delivery!


Upon opening my mail I noticed a bright green, translucent glass bottle with a drippers to match. The bottle had Space Jams insignia over planet earth which is very fitting. Just above the insignia it had the flavor description in yellow describing the flavor as a Glazed Lemon Cake. Below the insignia was High VG in yellow with the nicotine strength below. Off to the right is your typical nicotine warning label. 


Now the part everyone is curious about, the flavor!!  Once I opened the bottle I smelled a strong but very pleasant cake smell. I drew the liquid into the dripper and it had a deep caramel color to the liquid. I could definitely tell by the viscosity it was a quality High VG product but not to thick to where you will have wicking issues.


I slowly and evenly layered on the juice to my fresh triple core fused claptons by Wotofo (Eightvape carriers this product as well) and let the cotton become fully saturated. I started my first inhale at 70 watts and wow was I suprised!!!  I tasted warm fresh cake with strong notes of Vanilla and light lemon that blended perfectly together.


I never knew such a rich and flavorful ejuice existed! The inhale hit was super smooth and didn't have the roughness on the throat that some juices have. It vaped almost like a custard. Upon exhale I tasted more of the sweet vanilla without the lemon. As I increased wattage to 80 and 90 watts and closed the airflow down to half way the lemon began to pop! The blend of all the flavor profiles truly amazes me.


Each part from the lemon, to the sweet glaze and the warm rich vanilla cake stand out individually but compliment each other perfectly! Needless to say this juice is now in my Top 3 of all time. I JUST CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT! With the juice being so sweet it can be a coil killer but its worth every amazing hit with this juice.


Needless to say I was extremely surprised and happy with the purchase of Sungrazer by Spacejam. I feel the description steers people away and leaves this juice extremely under rated but if you read my review please give it a try!  The lemon isn't over powering and is super smooth.

Spacejam definitely knocked this juice out of the park...

Well I mean out of this world! 😜 


So guys if your looking for a great new juice that is smooth and taste amazing and want to mix your flavor profiles up a little bit then Sungrazer by Spacejam is for you!

Once again Thanks for taking your time to read the review and Vape on!

Advocacy Over Everything!


Cookie out-

Cory C.


Grab Sungrazer HERE



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