EightVape Juice Reviews: Aqua Collection by Marina Vape


EightVape Juice Reviews: Aqua by Marina Vape

Marina Vape is a juice manufacturing company based out in Southern California that distributes over 20 premium liquid lines consisting of over 50 different flavors. They cover just about all the fruity and dessert palettes. The popular ones among them would be Alpha Vape, Dohnuts, Treats, OGNL boba Creme de la Creme, and Aqua, which will be the juice line we will be reviewing today.


Aqua is a fruity juice line with 4 flavors with unique trio combination of tropical fruits that is consistent and flavorful. Also available in ICE. 


60mL 80/20 VG/PG


Mist / ICE - Green Apple - Peach - Kiwi



Mist is a crisp mix of peach kiwi and green apple. The apple comes out more on the initial inhale while the peach and kiwi help blend in together into a sweet & tangy finish at the end.


Pure / ICE - Strawberry - Watermelon - Apple




Pure is a combination of fresh Strawberry, Ripe Apples, and juicy watermelon to finish. The Strawberry comes strong on the inhale complemented with a light hint of sweet apples and watermelon flavor on the exhale.


Flow / ICE - Pineapple - Mango - Guava



Flow consist of 3 tropical fruit flavors, Pineapple, Guava, and Mango. On the Inhale you get a sweet pineapple flavor followed up by a juicy guava and mango which blends well together.


Oasis / Ice - Peach - Papaya - Cantaloupe





Oasis is a more unique flavor as there is not a lot of juice companies that implement papaya mixed flavors in the vape industry. Oasis starts off with a peach flavor inhale while the papaya and cantaloupe is just enough where it doesn’t overpower each other and well balanced so you can get a good taste of each of the fruits mixed together.

The Aqua juice line by Marina Vape is a recommended and also popular line for fruit and menthol vapers alike as they do have all flavor available in ice and also these flavors will also be available for Salt Nic users. For vapers looking for a good fruity flavor with menthol or non-menthol, the Aqua line is a definite must try.

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