What's the Difference Between a Disposable Vape and a Pod Device (Open System Refillable Vape)?


Many people nowadays are now switching over from regular cigarettes to vapes and e-cigarettes due to their benefits and the convenience it provides.

Whether you are switching over from cigarettes, or are completely new to the world of vaping, one of the first decisions you would need to make would be whether to go for an affordable and compact disposable vape pen or get a refillable vaping device like pod devices.

Let us discuss the differences between these two different types of vapes in a bit more detail, understanding that both are their different sub-classifications to better understand how they differ.

What are Disposable Vapes?

Before discussing how disposable and refillable vapes are distinct, let us first understand what a disposable vape pen is in greater detail.

This category of vapes is designed only for one-time use and is developed so that they contain a limited amount of e-liquid, which cannot be refilled once it has been used.

Although many different single use vapes exist, such as pen and box-shaped ones, most differ by design and more or less have the same functionality.

collage of disposable vapes

Different Types of Disposables?

When researching the market for disposable vapes, you will notice that there might be a great variety of disposable devices. Still, regarding the different types, disposable vaping devices can be classified into either one-time-use disposables or rechargeable ones.

One-Time Use Disposables

The design and functionality behind these vapes are pretty self-explanatory and are the more common of the two. As the name suggests, this variant of disposable pen is designed to contain a battery that has already been charged.

Furthermore, these vapes have already been loaded with a certain amount of e-liquid and are designed so that they cannot be refilled or charged.

This is because this disposable vape is only meant to be used until the flavor finishes, after which you can simply dispose of it.

Many people tend to opt for this type of vape because it is incredibly simple and requires nothing to be done to them to start vaping. Since this vape has already been charged and filled with flavor, it can be vaped immediately.

Rechargeable Disposable

Just as it was for the non-rechargeable variant, the name of this type of vape explains itself as well. These newer types of vapes have just recently launched in the market and have gained popularity due to their slightly varying functionality.

The design of this type of vape is similar to that of their non-rechargeable variant. except for having charging capabilities. Rechargeable vapes are developed to contain a built-in battery that can be recharged.

This added feature is a plus point for disposables because even though they contain enough battery power so that the consumer can vape through the entirety of the flavor before the battery finishes, sometimes the battery tends to get completely drained before the flavor does.

However, the selling point of rechargeable vapes is that they can be recharged a few times, allowing users to ensure that all of the flavors have been finished without worrying about the battery dying out.

disposable vape pen rechargeable port

What are Open System Refillable Vapes?

These are the vaping devices that you can customize and tweak according to your vaping needs.

With open-system vapes, you are not restricted to a pre-specified amount of flavor (except for pod juice capacity) and can refill the device whenever you want.

Although the location can vary according to the device, there is usually an opening at the top of the atomizer tank. This is used to pour the e-liquid in, allowing you to vape different juices.

Although you can freely refill open system vapes, it comes at a price. This is the process you need to know to fill the flavor in the tank without damaging the device.

Furthermore, the current generation of refillable vapes has evolved to the point that they now come with an added layer of personalization. This comes in the form of specific settings, such as providing you with the ability to adjust the airflow of your device.

Different Types of Open Systems

Like disposables, refillable vapes can also be divided into subcategories, such as various kits, mods, and pod systems.


These are the most common types of vaping devices and are also known to be the best option for anyone new to the vaping world.

These are your conventional vaping devices comprising a standard battery and a tank capable of storing a specific amount of e-liquid within it.

Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) Kit 200W with Z (Zeus) Sub ohm Tank 2021  5.5ml – Geekvape Store


More catered towards people who want a highly customized vaping experience, many people refer to vape mods as ‘advanced vaping kits’ due to the high degree of alteration they offer.

Mods are the component within a vaping device that holds the battery and chipset as well, allowing people to change much more features of a vape in much more detail.

Pod Systems

Like vape kits, these are also common amongst the vaping community due to their convenience.

These systems are known as this due to their pod-like design and are comparatively easier to use. Rather than kits and mods, pod vapes do not contain a tank but instead a pod that can simply pop in and out, proving to be much easier to fill with flavor.

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