We Gotta Stop Smokin', I Mean Cigarette Smokin' - Musicians Who Vape


Like the 1975 Jimi Hendrix song "Midnight Lightning" accidentally predicted, cigarettes - the once-necessary accessory to prove you're a real rock star - are starting to slip into oblivion. Sure, there's a long history between rock and roll and treating your body like the piss ditch at Burning Man. But today it looks like some of the most legendary artists are choosing to add more to their greatest hits instead of succumb to lung cancer and leave their fans with only posthumous releases. Check out some of the biggest names in the music industry who've made the switch.

Dave Grohl

You know him from Nirvana, you definitely know him from Foo Fighters, and maybe you even know him from Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny. Dave Grohl might be one of the last true talents in rock and roll, and the god himself has exchanged cigarettes for e-liquid. He even included a short vaping sequence in the Foo Fighters video "Run" at 5:31, which he directed. 

Courtney Love

Let's stick with the grunge theme for a second. Love her or hate her (or suspect her of murder) Courtney Love's formerly treacherous lifestyle has made a complete 180. She too has switch to vaping, as well as cutting out alcohol and drugs. Good for her! Here's one of my personal favorites by her old group, Hole:

Dave Navarro

Final grunge artist before we move on. Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers (and also Ink Master) is yet another 90's musician to realize that burning the candle - or cigarette - at both ends isn't exactly sustainable. Navarro has openly declared that vaping "literally saved [his] life" and even does promotional work for vape shops.

Katy Perry

This list isn't going to be just rock stars, by the way. Although if you saw Katy Perry's halftime show, it's hard to call her anything but a rock star. Perry has been snapped by the paparazzi with a vape pen in hand more than once - which is a lot better than kids seeing her with a cigarette - although I don't know if today's kids even know that pop music comes from places outside of South Korea.

Speaking of feeling old, at the time this article being written, this song is ELEVEN years old: 

Snoop Dogg

You read that right. The D -O-Double G is a vaper! He's even designed his own device, though its not for vape juice...

By the way, have you heard his latest banger?


Even if you're not an EDM fan, you've definitely heard of "dubstep" - the craze from the 2010s that sounds like you're having a brain aneurysm but somehow want to dance at the same time. Skrillex was a former emo kid from the band From First To Last, but today is one of the top-earning DJs on the Las Vegas Strip and has mixed countless songs for countless artists. Also - big time vaper!

Willie Nelson

How about someone for the "old folks"? Just kidding, I'm not even 30 yet and I'm a huge Willie fan. But he's getting up there and at age 88, Willie Nelson is still going strong - and protecting his lungs - by vaping his "herbal supplements" instead of smoking them.

Lady Gaga

Oscar winner, two-time Golden Globe winner, twelve-time Grammy winner, sixteen Guinness World Records. "Legend" doesn't even begin to describe Mama Monster. And yep, she's a vape user! Based on paparazzi pics, it looks like she prefers the sleek pen-style vapes. Interesting, you'd think she'd prefer something with a little more pizzazz.

Zayn Malik

If the name doesn't ring a bell - this is a former member of One Direction, he's married to Gigi Hadid, and he's had a pretty successful solo career as well. While Malik has been slammed on social media for posting pictures with cigarette in hand, recently he's done some photoshoots boasting some cool smoke tricks only achievable with vapor. Has he made the switch? I'm choosing to think "yes".


Okay, I'm not expecting everyone to know who these guys (and girls!). GWAR is a heavy metal band that's... theatrical to say the least. Picture orcs from Lord of the Rings decked out in a mix of armor stolen from Mad Max and the Vikings. This band's entire image is based around creating controversy, which of course, only made them more and more famous. That's kind of the whole point of metal, though, isn't it? You're not listening to metal for a fun, lighthearted experience.

Despite being a pretty polarizing group, GWAR's fame has turned into a literal franchise: there are comic books and collectible trading cards, craft beers, a restaraunt called GwarBar featuring a beer garden and a menu with items topped in GWAR-B-Q sauce (dead serious), and you guessed it - VAPE JUICE. So despite the chaos that is their discography, I guess GWAR really are responsible with their nicotine use. That's nice :)

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