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Staff Picked Vape Tunes

  1. New Patek - Lil Uzi Vert (Michael Rios - Affiliate Program Director)

"First single off his new album Eternal Atake, and a snippet has been floating around the net for a while."


  1. Kawa Kawa - KingJet (Brittany Terbush - Web Designer)

"Because it BUMPS."


  1. Buff Baby - Tobi Lou (Errick Perry - Content Writer)

"Because I can't get it out of my head, it's oddly relaxing, and it's the only fully Adventure Time inspired hip-hop song I've ever heard."


  1. Juice - Yo Gotti (Justin Troyer - Head of Content)

"For obvious reasons."


  1. Glowed Up - KAYTRANADA Feat. Anderson.Paak (Karina White - Content


"Because its a kick back song to vape to when you're lounging around, thinking about getting turnt up later..."


  1. Come Back To Earth - Mac Miller (Nicole T. - Social Media Manager)

"To show tribute to the legendary musician Mac Miller."


  1. Beauty In Falling Leaves -  YOB (Daniel Hoyt - Product Photographer)

"Going in a way different direction sound-wise because these guys are Stoner/Doom Metal, but they're a great band from Oregon, and this is their newest single. It's a really long, gorgeous, atmospheric, and heavy song, good for just laying back, vaping, and spacing out. The lead singer is a friend of mine from when I lived in Eugene, and he almost died from illness last year, but was able to make a full recovery.  He wrote this song while he was in the hospital, and then recorded the album earlier this year when he got out. It's an awesome track."


  1. This Feeling - The Chainsmokers Feat. Kelsea Ballerini

"This brand new song from The Chainsmokers that came out the other day, is just such perfect song to vape too while thinking about life and personal relationships...the lyrics feel like a flavorful cloud."


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