Twist E-Liquid by Daddy's Vapor: The Future with PMTA


Twist E-Liquid logo with a PMTA image

With the new PMTA regulations in place and underway, vape device and juice manufacturers are left with one option: adapt. Twist E-Liquid by Daddy's Vapor is no exception. Already, the company has submitted 35 freebase and salt flavors to the FDA for PMTA-approval, and while said approval is still in process (it is a long and arduous procedure), it is a grand step toward the new future of vaping and a motivating example to other manufacturers.

Twist E-Liquid is the original innovator of the dual-pack e-liquids, offering vape users a more efficient and on-the-go option for transporting their juice. Amongst the 35 products submitted are a massive variety of fruit vape juices like Yellow Peach (formerly Peach Blossom Lemonade), dessert e-juices like Berry Amber (formerly Strawberry Honey Graham Cookie), and candy vape flavors like Space No. 1 (formerly Space Rocks), which is reminiscent of strawberry kiwi popping candy, and Rainbow No. 1 (formerly Sour Rainbow), which is crafted to taste just like fruity sour taffy. 

Two bottles of Berry Amber vape juice by Twist E-Liquids and their box.Two bottles of Space No. 1 vape juice by Twist E-Liquids and their box.

Nic salt submissions feature equally colorful new titles and fruity blends like Red No.1 (formerly Watermelon Madness), Purple No. 1 (formerly Berry Medley Lemonade), and Pink 0° (formerly Iced Pink Punch).

The most notable submissions include the internationally-loved Pink No.1 (formerly Pink Punch Lemonade), Green No. 1 (formerly Honeydew Melon Chew) - flavors available as an e-liquid or a nic salt. These high-demand vape liquids and nicotine salts are the most anticipated submissions because their precarious blend of fruit flavors and sweet and sour notes have made them some of the most sought-after and popular e-juices on the market today.

Two bottles of Pink No. 1 vape juice by Twist E-Liquids and their box.Two bottles of Green No. 1 e-juice by Twist E-Liquids and their box.

Twist E-Liquid has been developing game-changing e-liquids since their beginning in Los Angeles in 2015, and has made major donations and generous contributions to non-profits like the American Vaping Association, the Vapor Technology Association, and the Florida Smoke Free Association.

While the new PMTA regulations signal many changes in the vape industry and surrounding community, the quick action by Twist E-Liquid by Daddy's Vapor is a reassuring message to both distributors and their clients who love these delectable vape juices. The company proudly confirms that they are prepared to follow all procedures mandated by state and federal agencies to promote responsible vaping and to continue preventing youth access to vaping.

We eagerly await the approval of these 35 beloved e-juice and nic salt flavors and will update our readers as soon as the process is complete.


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A promotional image for Twist E-Liquids featuring several bottle of vape juice.

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