Top 5 ASMR Vaping Videos on YouTube



Top 5 ASMR Vaping Videos on YouTube

Vaping can be a very relaxing experience. People vape while they read, listen to music, sip coffee in the morning or a relaxing beverage in the evening. It's no doubt it's enjoyable and soothing. So why not relax, while you relax? It's time for Vape ASMR And Chill.

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It's described as a tingling or chilling sensation that can occur at the base of your head, down your neck or arms, and create a over-all-body sensation of relaxation and comfort. It's a phenomenon that has been experienced for ages but has just recently gained huge popularity as people have harnessed the thousands of ways people feel ASMR or "triggers" and filmed them for the world to enjoy. Popular triggers include tapping, whispering, crinkling, and one very popular trigger that creates the sense of comforting and almost hypnotic relaxation, is in fact vaping. 

There are ASMR vape videos that are interactive, funny, a few that are a little funky, and some down right relaxing as hell. Here are Eightvape's top five favorite vape ASMR videos.

#5 mioASMR - Vaping - Whispering & Tapping

MioASMR is a recent ex-cigarette smoker, showing off a perfect vape for beginners. It's light weight, simple to use and matches her hair and bubbly personality. She used to smoke menthol cigarettes and now vapes menthol e-liquid in delicious flavors, which she boasts as one of the best parts about making the switch from tobacco to vape.

You can pick up all kinds of delicious menthol e-liquids here, including my personal favorite menthol juice, Bazooka Sour Straws Strawberry Ice.

She prefaces the video with tons of interesting facts that makes a compelling argument in the defense of vaping, and helps people considering making the switch realize just how many chemicals and tar they'll be missing if they ditch the old habit. This is a basic ASMR video, just some whispered chit chat and relaxing sounds.

#4 Sent’s Emporium ASMR - Welcome To The Vape Shop (parts 1 & 2)

Sent's Emporium ASMR has quite a few vape themed videos but these two are my absolute favorites. And if there's two parts, I'm sure there's tons who agree with me. This two part ASMR is not a basic video, it's a vape shop roleplay. Roleplays are far more involved and can produce more "tingles" due to the familiar situations that bring comfort. These two videos are interactive and feature tons of props and impressive sets. It's not a whispered video but "soft spoken", which is nice for people who get creeped out by strangers whispering and blowing smoke directly in their ears. It's reminiscent of any time you've been soothed just by talking to someone as they explain something interesting that really draws you in. 

In part one of Welcome To The Vape Shop Sent tells his customer about Aspire's great tanks and batteries which you can shop here. In part two, after he welcomes his customer back, he reminds them of his preference for delicious candy flavored vape juice.

#3 Southern ASMR Sounds - Glitchy Vape Shop

Maybe I'm alone in this, but when I settle in late at night in my bed (usually with some wine and something tasty to vape to tackle my sweet-tooth) I kind of like watching some off-putting or creepy videos online, things like This House Has People In It or Malice In Wonderland. But I also love relaxing and creative ASMR videos. So when I saw the thumbnail for Glitchy Vape Shop, I was like, "Finally, a combination of vaping, ASMR, and this looks creepy... Glitchy older woman with lime green hair, sign me up."

Unfortunately, the glitching wasn't planned and was just the result of a broken webcam. But props to Southern ASMR Sounds for posting it anyway, as it adds a creative spin to the ASMR Vape world. 

In this video she talks highly of SMOK stick vapes which are also some of my personal favorites to use. 

#2 Wandering Whispers - ASMR Lazy Vape Shop Roleplay

I can't get enough of this video. Wandering Whispers looks like a vaping hippy wizard who retried from magic and opened a vape shop where there would probably be a store cat laying around. He talks smooth and lazy, yet engaging and welcoming. I trust him. I don't know, he just sounds like a good guy.

The dark setting of this video adds to the relaxation by taking away the distracting, stimulating brightness. He makes great recommendations, his vape crackles and pops just the right, relaxing amount, and he suggests a delicious vape juice that I absolutely love. Cosmic Fog Sour Melon, a juicy medley of ripe sweet watermelon goodness spiked with a satisfying jolt of mouth watering sour candy. Never too sweet and never too sour. I've watched this video multiple times, (usually because I fall asleep on it).

#1 Karuna Satori - ASMR CLOUDY TINGLES I Vaping, No Talking

Karuna Satori is probably one of the most innovative and entertaining ASMRtists today. The fact that this video ranks at number one with no talking says a lot, as I usually don't get too relaxed without at least some whispering. But what Karuna can say with a look, or mumble just slightly, can really entertain and soothe you. Not to mention there is some great tapping and crackling sounds in this video too. She has a nurturing look while still being very alluring and beautiful. But the facial expressions she makes going from 80W to 200W and trying to catch her breath between puffs is hysterical and relatable. 

She shows off a super cool mod, the SnowWolf Vfeng 230W TC Box Mod by Laisimo. With cool light up features that you can program and a touch screen display, it's fascinating to look at and I can't imagine how fun it is to actually use. Karuna Satori certainly makes it look fun, and relaxes viewers as she does.

Whether its the delicious flavors, the hypnotic clouds, or the warming sensation in your throat that makes vaping relaxing, why not add to the experience next time you want to relax, and enjoy these truly superb ASMR Vape videos. 

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