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The VTA Pushes Back Against Flavor Bans!

Jordan Premonics

Posted on January 10 2020

The VTA Pushes Back Against Flavor Bans!

If you’re a vaper and you don’t know about the Vapor Technology Association then you’ve been slacking! The VTA is one of the core groups responsible for lobbying and activism on behalf of vaping, a voice of reason in these troubling times. Recently, they’ve been making a push to drive the We Vape We Vote point home in the DC area with targeted political ads. This latest commercial they’ve run calls Trump out directly and lets him know just how many votes he’s going to lose come 2020 elections. Take a look and see what you think.  

So there you have it, that poignant video was released about a month or so before the latest guidance on vaping regulations from the FDA. Clearly, it must have had an effect because the latest ban only affects flavored pre-filled pods, leaving open systems and delicious vape juice flavors alone for now. 

But you have to ask yourself, do you really believe, with so much money to be made on the vaping industry and sooo much tobacco lobby money being thrown against it, that this is the end of the story?   

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  • adam smith: January 13, 2020

    None of it should be regulated any more than cigarettes. Even with cigarettes, the flavor ban for those was ridiculous. I used to love Nat Sherman “Touch of Clove”. Banned because kids might like it. Whatever. Either ban it altogether or stfu Uncle Sam.

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