The Smok V-FIN Kit




Introducing the SMOK V-FIN Kit: 



An 8000mAh built-in battery system with the TFV12 Big Baby Prince Tank included. 160W of maximum power, micro USB charging functions, Temperature Control and Memory Mode suites, and an advanced OLED display system. 

Today we'll look at the features of the V-FIN one by one and assess the machine's fashionability and design. 




  • Built-In 8000mAh Lithium Battery
  • Advanced OLED Display Screen 
  • Lateral Fire Key 
  • Temperature Control and TCR Mode
  • Memory Mode
  • Watt Mode
  • Puff Counter
  • Size: 85 x 56 x 31.5mm
  • Wattage Range: 6-160W
  • Voltage Range: 0.5-9V
  • Standby Current: <500uA
  • Resistance: 0.1-3ohm(VW)/0.06-3ohm(TC)
  • Temperature Range: 200℉-600℉/100℃-315℃
  • Thread: 510


The Built-In Battery: 

With an 8000mAh battery, this system sits pretty. Ensured longevity is paramount with a built-in battery system, and I've never seen an 8000mAh. Most built-in batteries range from 800mAh to 2500mAh, and those that hold capacities nearing the later are heralded as devices with dependable battery lives. An 8000mAh may last a couple of days before you find yourself needing to recharge it.

I've been vaping on the device for 2 hours and the indicator hasn't flinched. I think this is a dependable system, one that might even give 21700 dual battery box mods a run for their money. 

Charging to full power from a dead battery takes about 2+ hours. I know other built-in battery systems that charge within just one hour, but those devices run out of charge halfway through the day. 



Advanced OLED Display:

For users who are familiar with the Marshal G320, this system has a similar display:


Working power, Voltage, Mode, Effect, Battery Life, and Puff Number are included in the main display. The bright blue LED numbering and lettering lends the display a high-tech style that I think is fashionable with box mods today. The bar at the bottom registers for how long the atomizer has been activated on the previous hit. The puff counter on the bottom right-hand corner runs up to the ten-thousands range and can be reset manually in the settings. Settings and other options can be accessed by hitting the lateral fire key three times.

The Lateral Fire Key:

The bar-shaped fire key on the side of the device is a SMOKTech invention. With the release of the H-Priv a couple years ago, the lateral fire key revolutionized how people viewed traditional vaping design. In my opinion, lateral fire keys look the best and feel the most comfortable. Activating some mods with awkwardly placed fire buttons can be annoying and the opposite of ergonomic. The lateral fire key assures convenient, healthy firing and leaves the sides of the mod clean and flush for increased fashionability. 





Compact mods that are single-battery and showcase innovative, non-rectangular designs are becoming increasingly popular, but this has done nothing to slow down the production of classic box mods. 

The creators of the V-FIN have attempted to combine popular compact dimensions with traditional box mod design. 

85 x 56 x 31.5mm: 



They have not succeeded.

This is a regularly-sized box mod, if not one slightly large. It has a heavy weight because of the internal battery (which provides a hand feel that I actually like), and the Big Baby Prince Tank features regular dimensions and a large E-Juice reservoir with its bulb glass implement. 

I want my readers to be aware: this does not meet the definition of "compact." Don't buy this product if you're looking for something small and easily toteable. Buy the VooPoo MOJO instead. 

This kit is, however, ergonomic, and it has an enjoyable hand feel. If you're OK with regular box mod dimensions and size, then this kit is perfect for you. 


As far as fashionability goes, I think box mods with lateral fire keys remain in good standing. The H-Priv 2 is a popular new release, and the V-FIN follows that system's design. A soft-edged rectangular shape and large lateral fire key. They look clean and high-quality—good for men and women. The V-FIN has a rhombus-like stripe design angled on its sides that establishes modern semblance. 




Most impressive about this system is its 8000mAh internal battery. Long-lasting, easily charged, and providing a heavy weight for a pleasurable hand feel, the built-in lithium power system should be the first reason for someone buying this machine. Apart from that, the V-FIN is stylish, with a large lateral fire key and advanced OLED display. The stripe on the side looks exceptionally good in purple coloring. 

If you are a fan of traditional box mods, then this system is the right size. It fits ergonomically in the hand and has a high-quality zinc alloy construction. Users looking for compact mods should buy a different machine. This one is not as "compact" as I think Smok meant it to be. 

Thanks for reading.

Justin Troyer
Eightcig LLC 
Head of Content Development 

You can purchase the V-FIN Kit on




SMOK VFIN Video Review

By Daniel Hudson

This is a great device if you are in the market for a mod that will last all day and into the next. It is somewhat heavy, so I don't really take it out of the house unless I am going on a road trip. The only thing I don't like about it is, the screen and buttons are on the top of the mod.



  • Posted on by Jessica

    Works 2ell but the battery doesn’t last as its rated to

  • Posted on by Mike

    I’ve had mine now for about a month or so and it has held up great, battery life is exceptional and the finish doesn’t ware down. Also if you’re careful with it it’s pretty hard to get a load of scratches

  • Posted on by Zach

    I have one… had it a couple months the finish is a lot better then my old alien. Solid mod in my opinion

  • Posted on by Andrew Tumlinson

    I’m very excited for this mod but when will it be available?

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