The iJoy Area Pro Pod Kit—It's An Open And Shut Case.


Hello, vaping friends!

Today, we're taking a look at the iJoy Area Pro Pod Kit! This handy little gadget is an upgrade to the original Aria, fits in any pocket, and is just about as portable as it gets. Plus, the design is incredibly cool:

It's so fancy, it uses the metric system—just like the French do! Ooh-la-la!


Now, at this point, I'm sure you're asking yourself, "Hey man—what does any of this have to do with that dubious gag in the title of this article?" Well, here's the answer to that. This device supports two different pod options: Aria Opod (open pod,) and Aria Cpod (closed pod,) to meet whatever needs you have. Both pods can hold 3 ml of e-juice or e-liquid, and the Aria Opod is a refillable pod, with a transparent design that lets you easily check the levels of the liquid inside. (Just in case you're the kind of person who gets paranoid about remaining juice levels.) Behold!


The Cpod is a similar pod, pre-filled with e-liquid, for you reckless rebels out there who don't want to think about that sort of thing, and simply chuck a pod once you're done with it—like that shady date you met at the bar the other night. Sure, it was a good time, but now it's time to move on to the next one. Am I right? (...No? I'm being gross and weird about pods and dating? Well, to each their own, I guess.) It uses a pre-installed 0.6/1.0 Ohm resistance coil, for those of you who nerd out about that sort of thing.

The style of the iJoy Aria Pro is both sleek, cool, and comes in a bunch of very odd color patterns:

Seriously, though—that turquoise one time-traveled here from the 1960's.


The device supports a dual-fire mechanism that lets you draw-activate or button-activate it when you want to take a hit of that sweet, sweet vape. It has a long-lasting 900mAh battery, and can be fast-recharged through a type-c port. On the slim side of the device, you'll notice a .69-inch (nice,) single-panel display, just below the fire button, and some decorative bump grips on the other side, for extra-good squeezin' action.

Not pictured: Extra-Good Squeezin' Action.

That sexy bod you're seeing there is made out of a zinc alloy, and PCTG; which we all know stands for "Poly Cyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate Glycol-modified," or, it's more commonly-used name, "Really Hard Plastic-y Stuff."

It will also have Low Power Protection, which will indicate when the battery voltage drops below 3.4 volts, Short-Circuit Protection, which stops output if the atomizer shorts out, and will even show you when the cartridge makes connection with the battery, with a handy Atomizer Connection Indicator.

This device is like a James Bond gadget; sleek, stylish, easily hidden, and full of handy features. (It also looks like something the man would carry around in a sharp suit jacket. He's James Bond, after all. Nothing less than class for that guy.)

Should you be in the market for a cool device with retro styling, good design, fidgety grip-bumps, and two types of usable pods, this is going to be the device for you. The iJoy Area Pro Pod Kit—it's the device for on-the-go, or sit-on-your-ass-at-home. Nobody's judging; we can't all be James Bond.

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