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As I am regularly asked to do around here, I was tasked with writing a preview for a particular device; the Suorin Trio 85. Usually, in a situation like this, I'd pop on over to the manufacturer's website, and read up on all the details, (or "deets," as idiots call them).

But, in this case, the manufacturer's website left me a little cold. The description was partially obscured by the layout of the site, and the pictures all had big-ass watermarks across them. (It's almost as if they don't want someone stealing them and not crediting them for it... but that's insane.)

So, I found a different site, with amazing images and lots of details, but realized that a lot of the information has clearly been Google Translated, or at least translated by someone who has English as a second language. (Which is fantastic, for the record. Anyone who speaks more than one language is a champion in my eyes. I spent my whole life learning just the one.)

So, in the interest of getting this preview ball rolling, I'm going to try and interpret any parts of this thing that are phrased... not quite right. I'm here to help! Here we go!


Breakthrough Power

This one is pretty clear. The Suorin Trio 85 has a "max 85W output wattage adjustable system," which, (aside from mentioning wattage twice, and not quite explaining what that sentence fully means,) tells us that the kit has an adjustable output system that lets you set the Trio 85's wattage to be anywhere from 85w (Hey! I just got the name now) all the way down to 5w. I'm unclear as to what makes that "breakthrough power," but perhaps we'll learn as we go. Moving on!


 Security System

This isn't so much a "Security System" as it's described, as it is a "Series of Safety Features." As listed, it has Open Circuit Protection, (not sure what that is, but that may just be my own fault,) 8s Vaping Protection, (Um... I'm sure someone knows what that is,) Short Circuit Protection, (which seems self-explanatory,) Low Voltage Protection, (also fairly evident by the name,) and Overcharge Protection. (I thought this was meant to protect you from paying too much for juices, but apparently, it's a surge protection sort of thing.)

None of that stuff is technically a "Security System," however. But, you should still feel fairly secure knowing that it's there. I know I do.


Redefining Pod Mod

"Pioneering the advanced innovation" is redundant, back-patting gibberish, and I'm not sure how one "revolutionizes their experience of flavor," as the description suggests, but this device does have some pretty cutting-edge tech crammed into it. The boost converter, (which we will discuss in a bit,) the wattage controls, and the Tri-Force chip all make this thing a pretty impressive device. "What the hell is a Tri-Force chip" you may be asking? Fantastic question.


Tri-Force Inside

Listen, I could sit here making Legend of Zelda jokes all day, but I'm not going to; mostly because I was ordered by HR to stop making lewd comments about my "Triforce of Power," and to stop wearing green tunics with no pants on around the office. I tried to use Halloween as my excuse, but I was quickly reminded that Halloween isn't in June, and that I was violating both company dress code, and public decency laws. So... no Legend of Zelda jokes today, guys. Sorry.

However, the Tri-Force chip here is described as "an innovative atomization management system with a multi-channel atomization core, which works as the central processer of the device." Which is a big, long, unclear way of saying, "It uses a Tri-Force chip when you vape stuff." It works in conjunction with the temperature controls, and monitors your atomization; like a dystopian Big Brother, if he cared about your vape habit. 


Big World In Cartridge

Okay, well, this one gets a little rougher. I'm assuming it means there's a lot of space in the pod; which is true. 5ml is a decent sized pod. Also, since the "Suorin Trio 85 cartridge brings you a long-time vaping, with less refill time," I suspect that means the pod is easy to refill, as well.


 Break The Limitation Create Your Joy

I'm all about creating joy, and breaking limitations, but this one is another rough one. "Never stop exploring advanced technology and creating your vaping experience," seems like good advice, though. Having coils with airflow adjustment isn't exactly groundbreaking, or breaking the mould in any way, but it's still keeping up with the Joneses, as it were. Their descriptions of the ohmage is pretty great, though. Especially where the TRI RBA Coil is described as "Making fun with RBA while experiencing a stronger performance than ever."

I'm all about making fun, and enjoying stronger performances than ever. Who isn't?


Maintains Professional Performance With Boost Converter

I'm not sure what a "professional vaper" would be, but I don't think the Suorin Trio 85 delivers "professional performace" as it does quality performance. The Boost Converter means that you aren't going to have your flavor affected by a low battery. The device can stay on for as long as you'd like (provided you have charge,) and maintains your wattage setting without losing power.


Exploded View

This is fairly straight-forward, and I love including exploded views in my previews. Here's where you see the coil, the Tri-Force chip, and everything else the device offers. It's a good-looking device, whether put together, or blown apart. Good stuff.


Colors Available

...Need I say more? Those look pretty good to me. I love that red and black one, personally. But there's a color for everyone on this bad boy. Gaze in wonderment, folks. GAZE, I SAY.


Kit Contents

So, as you can see, it comes with one device, with a 0.4ohm, single-mesh coil installed, (it says 'included,' but both coils are included, so I assume they meant to say 'installed.') a triple-mesh 0.2ohm coil, and a user's manual, for those of you who read up on how to use something before accidentally blowing it up.



Now we're getting to what people like to see—the specs! Hard data! Numbers and measurements and whatnot! Here's the breakdown for those of you too lazy to read what's already in the picture:

Height: 122mm
Width: 34mm
Depth: 28mm
Weight (or, 'weightg,' as is says in the picture,): 99 grams, without the battery.
Material: Metal, PC, Ergonomic Leather
Battery: Replaceable 18650 Battery, (not included.)
Cartridge (pod) Capacity: 5ml/2ml
Charger Type: Type-C
Charging Current: 1.0A
Coil Resistance: Single-mesh, 0.4 ohm, triple-mesh 0.2ohm, and RBA (optional.)
Output Wattage: 5-85W
Working Voltage: 3.3-4.2V


Well, there you have it! The soon-to-be a reality Suorin Trio 85. A fantastic piece of new hardware, for your hot little hands. And we even made it through a bit of a sticky translation problem to boot!

Now that I'm done delivering impeccable grammatical translations for things, I'm off! Thanks for to reading my review now.

...Ah, damn it.

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