EightVape Feature: SMOK X-Force


The SMOK X-Force is a compact, portable, sleek vaping device designed for stealth and efficiency. Like it’s namesake suggests, this lightweight vape is of a different class, offering efficient vaping on-the-go without drawing attention to yourself when you are trying to vape in solitude and relax. Featuring a 7 ml e-juice capacity for a moderate vape juice supply to last you through the day.

An all-in-one vape kit, the SMOK X-Force Kit has a built-in-coil system with a vertical airflow design. The coil’s unique curved design is referred to as a Transverse Coil and allows for advanced air intake as the aligned structure prevents the device from leaking its e-liqud. 0.3ohm coil resistance. 2000mAh battery capacity. Maximum 45W power range. The device has just enough oomph to provide a light vaping experience. And when you want a higher kick, it can easily adopt a 0.6ohm coil (NOT INCLUDED), or a 1.2 ohm coil (NOT INCLUDED) for salt nic vape juice use, via the coils lock-in-place switchability.

Not only is the SMOK X-Force a highly adequate vaping device, it is a durable little beast. It is constructed of high-class PCTG plastic, giving the device a lightweight feel and increased portability. With this insulated ceramic, the coil base heats more quickly, prolonging battery life. There is a gold-plated brass electrode that delivers energy to the heating wires without losing power.

If you’re looking for a mini vape with a lot of punch, that’s also stylish and inconspicuous, the SMOK X-Force is available for purchase on EightVape.com. Use the discount code FEATURE to get 10% off.

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