MVP Innokin Pod Kit Preview


User Friendly? The MVP Innokin Pod is the perfect kit for new vapers. Not only this, but this kit is compact, elegant and very easy to maneuver. 

It is What it Looks 

A lot can be said about the MVP Pod and all of them are true! YES, The MVP Pod is elegant, YES, the MVP Pod has a smooth and polished look due to its premium-grade zinc alloy material,  AND YES, the MVP Pod comes in six different colors that matches your style and preference ! 

It is What it Draws 

With an optimized airflow, the MVP Pod is what it draws; a smooth, flavorful and mellow experience. Along with this, this unique and sleek pod device has a simple refill design that allows you to quickly refill the pod to maximum capacity with zero mess. Very ideal for new and experienced vapers

It is Dual 

You pick, press to fire, or auto draw! the MVP Pod Kit gives you the option to switch between the two power levels 11W 12.5W, just double click and enjoy!

It is not Basic but Specific 

The Innokin line stands for quality, reliability, and easy to use, and it is indeed what this MVP Pod is. Allow me to also add that this device has a tank capacity of 2.7ml and a internal battery of 50MAh. to charge it, the MPV Pod has a Type-C port and a resistance range of 0.4Ω - 3.5Ω.

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