Lung Capacity, No Cap: Do You Know What You’re Vaping?


There seems to be a fascination with finding out what exactly people can vape these days. Pushing limits through trial and error. Previously, we covered vaping vitamins and the beneficial effects of vaping vitamins such as B12. However, as stated in that article, there is always the risk of pushing the limit too far and overdoing it. Alcohol, Oxygen, and even water are all different substances that some are expressing interest in vaping. Of course, if you’re an able-bodied person, there are better ways to get things like Oxygen, such as pure oxygen in a can. Or maybe just try breathing. It is worth researching these different products before attempting to use them, not just out of curiosity, but also for your health and safety.


The Process

The first thing you should consider before vaping any substance that is not common to vape is that “vapor” is not just water vapor. What’s happening when something is vaporized, is a substance is being converted from a liquid or solid into a gas. Heat is applied to the substance to such a point that it boils and its molecules are separated until they become so loose the substance is turned into a vapor/gaseous state.

Not everything can be vaporized, and some elements such as Tungsten have a boiling point as high as 5660°C or 10220°F. Others don’t even have a boiling point, meaning they have not been successfully heated to conversion. Some of these new “casual” substances that are being experimented with for vaping take longer than the average e-juice length of time, also requiring more heat to reach their boiling point. So, keep that in mind while experimenting.


Air Shots?

Vaporizing alcohol has been popularized by products such as the Vaportini. While you can find fun sponsored articles about vaping alcohol on sites such as Buzzfeed, there is more to be uncovered by that whiskey flavored mist you’re breathing in. Sure, e-juice vapes can reach temps such as 600°F, they can also be lowered and vaped at less harsh temperatures. Temperature control is important for a lot of vapers because too much exposure to high heat can have adverse effects. This level of control is not present in devices such as the Vaportini.

Ethanol is a key ingredient of alcohol. You know that burning sensation you still feel from a shot of whiskey? What is it like when it is super heated? Although it is claimed that alcohol vapor is smooth by some users such as Jenn Harris in the below Los Angeles Times video, there are other factors to be considered such as increased chances of addiction. Also, alcohol vapor does not only reach your lungs. You nasal passage are prone to infection due to the chemical drying it out. In turn, there is risk of nerve damage, brain swelling, and dementia.


High Quality H20

Of course it does not take as much heat to boil water, but also think about how much hotter it gets. And how much hotter it gets at a quicker rate. Have you ever took a sip of tea too soon after pouring freshly boiled water into it? That’s just water in it’s liquid form. Therefore, would you really want hot steam shooting directly into your mouth and throat? In fact, it could damage your mouth, lips, tongue, and possibly even your pharynx. Plus, there’s just not any flavor, and when inhaled, the steam quickly turns back into water through condensation.


Just Because You Can…

Besides the dangers of these regular substances being tested in vaping waters, it has also been reported that people have turned to the dark web in order to try out illicit and dangerous drugs in their vapes. Vaping any substance poses risks, and everything should be done in moderation. However, some things shouldn’t be done at all, and we definitely don’t condone vaping anything that you can’t even trace to an origin point. Let alone anything that is illegal.

So, consider what you are putting into your body and if you really need it. A lot of vapers turn to vaping in order to get away from the harmful effects of cigarettes, and it kind of defeats the point to successfully use vaping to quit one bad habit and then misuse it to start another. Just because you can do something, that does not always mean you should.


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