Hootie Hoo! Vape Juice: Call The Squad For A Vape Sesh

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Hootie Hooooooooo! A phrase made famous by the likes of Ice Cube and Outkast. The owl-like sound that lets you know the function is about to get super active. And now, its a phrase that you can associate with your favorite vape juice. Or the sound you hear that lets you know it’s time to break out and leave. From Hornco Liquids, Hootie Hoo is here to announce its entrance.


The Good, The Bad, and The Sour

Hootie Hoo has a range of unique e-liquid flavors, ranging from super sweet to wincing sour. I ran through a few of their flavors and parsed out the good from the bad so that you don't have to. Sound the signal, it's time to vape!


Hella Sour Vape Juice

The Hootie Hoo - Hella is a sour pucker e juice of the grape flavor vape juice variety. I have to be honest, this one is not great to me. The main flavor is the familiar grape candy taste that most of us are familiar with. An acquired taste for some, the grape flavor in this is reminiscent of watered down, out of flavor grape gum with an aftertaste of gnarly grape cough syrup. The sour pucker is felt immediately on the inhale, strong and overpowering, almost bitter or tart.

But here is where it gets weird. Hella has a hard-to-place third flavor profile that I cannot put my finger on. There is a spice that accompanies the sour exhale, inspiring a coughing fit on the vapor's apparently rough odyssey from your lungs into the air. At 3mg, the juice I sampled possibly has a very harsh throat hit. Either way, this ain't it, chief.



Vaping Out The Haters 

In the words of the immortal B-Rad, "Don't be hatin'." We all have our haters, from our enemies to our rivals. Why entertain the haters when you can simply mellow out by vaping them away with Hootie Hoo - Player Hater. A tasty blend of lychee, strawberry, and kiwi. Whether in a drinkable juice or smoothie, strawberry kiwi is a classic fruit blend bringing together countryside fresh strawberries and island kiwifruits. Lychee fruit is present in the exhale of Player Hater, providing a herbal and fruity, light and smooth aftertaste in your vape clouds.

Owl Be Back

Hornco clearly has some mad scientists in their kitchen, because their flavors show the adventurous side of vaping. The Hootie Hoo lines displays mixers who are clearly having a hoot concocting their vape juices that can either sent your taste buds into overtime with their profiles, or send them retreating. Come back tomorrow as we continue to review Hornco products. Do these two interest you? Let us know in the comments below and I'll catch you tomorrow for our review of Hornco's Revenge Vapes line of eccentric, creamy vape juices.

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  • Posted on by Dan

    Totally digging the player hater! Went to an expo and had to buy a 0 and a 6 to mix together cause they was out of 3. Glad I stumbled on to it.

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