ANNOUNCING: How $16B in Tariffs Will Affect EightVape


How $16B in Tariffs Will Affect the Vaping Industry and EightVape

Proposed Tariffs 

On Tuesday, the United States Trade Representative announced that 25% tariffs on $16 billion worth of Chinese imports will take effect on August 23rd, 2018

Starter kits, ultra-portable systems, AIO kits, and other vaping systems that come with a complete mod and kit are included in the list of tariffs that will take effect on the 23rd. Batteries, tanks, coils, and other hardware are under the shadow of the axe, with intentions from President Trump to release another $200 billion worth of tariffs on Chinese imports

This means that prices in the vaping industry will increase—no doubt about it. If retailers want to maintain their profit margins (margins that are below standards in other industries), this means that prices for the consumer will increase to account for loss of ROI (return on investment). A 25-30% increase on prices should be expected. 


What does this mean for EightVape? 

We have made a resolution to withhold from increasing our prices until all of our current warehouse inventory is gone. Prices will remain affordable and will continue to be set with the best interest of our customers in mind, and we will take on the increase in cost and loss on ROI for the time being. 

We do not know at what percentages our prices will increase when our current inventory is fully depleted. We are still working on a policy that will sustain a growing business model and account for the needs of our customers. 

As far as how long our inventory will last, we can not know for sure. We have thousands of products, and thousands of variants of each product, but our average daily orders are in the thousands as well. 


Suggestion: buy your stuff now

Wherever you shop, I suggest you make your purchases now. After August 23rd, vaping kit prices on the market will surge, and if the $200 Billion Tariff Proposal passes law, then tanks, mods, batteries, coils, and accessories will follow. EightVape will not raise prices until our current inventory is gone, but we expect that our daily order numbers will increase after this news.


Thanks for reading and feel free to comment your questions or concerns.

All love, vape fam. 


Justin Troyer
Head of Content


  • Posted on by Samantha Whitley

    Here’s the complete list unless you want to believe all the lies being spread:
    Aircraft tires
    Nuclear reactors
    Boat motors
    Aircraft engines and engine parts
    Air and gas compressors, which are used in various goods like refrigerators
    Industrial heating equipment
    Scales, mostly for weighing large industrial equipment
    Cranes and other “lifting equipment”
    Bulldozers, backhoes, tampers, boring machines, and other large construction vehicles
    Oil and gas drilling platform parts
    Plows, mowers, combine harvester-threshers, and other large agricultural vehicles
    Dairy milkers, chicken incubators, and other livestock equipment
    Machinery for foods processing, including meat processing and fruit processing
    Machinery for making paper cardboard and other paper products
    Parts of printers and copy machines
    Machinery for processing and molding metals or cement, and their parts
    Machinery for making glass products, including lightbulbs
    Machinery for making rubber or plastic goods
    Ball bearings
    DC and AC generators of various sizes and power levels
    Electricity transformers
    Industrial magnets
    Lithium batteries and other batteries
    Industrial ovens and furnaces
    Radar and radio equipment
    Parts for televisions, video-recording equipment, and similar video products
    Electronic traffics signs
    Electrical equipment such as resistors and circuit breakers
    Trains and rail parts
    Large vehicles using both diesel and non-diesel fuel
    Some cars and trucks, motorcycles, helicopters, airplanes, and spacecraft
    Microscopes and telescopes
    Imaging and navigational equipment
    Medical equipment such as X-rays and pacemakers
    Scientific equipment such as pressure gauges and spectrometers

  • Posted on by Samantha Whitley

    The only vaping related item being tariffed is batteries because all batteries will be. Nothing else vape related is on the list. Do your research instead of making assumptions and instead of charging your customers for something that isn’t even happening. The full list can be found at Business Insider.

  • Posted on by Justin Troyer

    Thanks @Bush

  • Posted on by Jason E

    Thank you for posting this update. The bottom line is you are in business to make money. That’s ok. I applaud and encourage it. You offer products and services at a price I am willing to pay for. The reality is the tariff pressure is impacting the whole industry and prices will rise everywhere. Hopefully your prices will still remain in the cost range I am willing to pay in relation to your competitors. The real test of integrity will come when the tariffs lift and if you lower your prices accordingly. The opportunity to use this moment to raise prices and only lower them a minor percentage when the time comes is there. Hopefully that won’t happen. Thank you for your willingness to be a business owner.

  • Posted on by Bush

    The only people here who are butt hurt are the ones trying to read something between the lines, that’s not there. It’s not like he said “You idiots who voted in Trump, are to blame!” Even though it’s true!! You all voted in that delusional, racist in the first place

    Chris obviously You didn’t read Justin’s post about being civil. If you can’t express your opinion with out labeling people or calling them names keep your opinion to yourself. Vappers should be united in our cause and be able to disagree without putting one another down because our opinions differ. Calm down the inflammatory remarks, and that goes for both sides.

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