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"Zero to Hero" 0mg Disposable Vape Bundle

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"Zero to Hero" 0mg Disposable Vape Bundle

Check out the "Zero to Hero" Disposable bundle! A zero-milligram bundle with a set of EIGHT nicotine-free disposables designed for individuals looking to quit smoking or who prefer not to consume nicotine. These e-cigarettes offer an alternative to traditional smoking and mimic the look, feel, and sensation of regular cigarettes. They are small, compact, and easy to use, making them convenient for on-the-go use for beginners & experts alike. The lack of nicotine in these devices eliminates the addictive aspect of nicotine consumption, making them a safer option for individuals who still want the experience of smoking without the negative side effects of nicotine addiction. 

Included in the "Zero to Hero disposable bundle is 1x Elf Bar BC5000, 1x Snowwolf ZERO, 1x Vaportech Cube, 1x Lucid Air Plus, 1x Chew Zero, 1x Innevape Invy 6000, 1x HELO plus CAFFEINE vape, AND all of this will be shipped in our EV Branded Toiletry Bag! 
Don't miss out on this bundle, these are a limited-time run, so grab this for you or a friend looking to head down the 0mg disposable vape rabbit hole! 


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"Zero to Hero" 0mg Disposable Bundle Includes:

1x Elf Bar BC5000 0% - Cranberry Grape

1x Snowwolf ZERO - Watermelon Bubblegum

1x Vaportech Cube Zero - Tropic

1x Lucid Air Plus - Aloe Grape

1x Chew Zero - MOMO

1x Snowwolf Ease 8000 Zero - Mango Berry Ice

1x Innevape Invy 6000 - GrapeVape

1x HELO Plus Caffeine Disposable Vape - Banana Ice

+ Shipped in EV Branded Toiletry Bag


(Standard Retail Price: $108.31 / Savings of $29.43!)

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"Zero to Hero" 0mg Disposable Vape Bundle
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