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MonsterBud RM Glass Beaker Bong

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RM Glass Beaker Bong - MonsterBud

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14mm Joint, Random Color. 

Another variant of the bong, the beaker bong, is an invention that has been gaining a lot of traction lately due to its added benefits. Having a larger surface area, it is best for those long bong-ripping sessions because of its storage capacity.

Glass Bong

Wubba lubba dub dub! This is a term that only RM fans might be aware of. As years went by, this show gained a considerable amount of fans and is now one of the most-watched shows on television!

Now you can truly embody your inner pickle rick because RM beaker bongs are now a thing! This themed beaker bong is perfect for all fans of the show who love eye-catching designs on their bongs.

Beaker Bong

Now begs the question: what is a beaker bong, and how is it different from a normal bong? Essentially, a bong is an instrument known for smoking cannabis or other herbal substances such as tobacco.

The normal straight-tubed glass bongs were the only variant of a bong until recently when beaker bongs hit the market. These are just normal bongs with the sole difference that they have a larger surface area.

This might not seem much, but a larger surface area means higher storage capacity, which in turn, means fewer trips to change the water, making it especially useful for those long sessions.


This is the perfect product for people out there looking for nice rick and Morty designs on their beloved bongs. All of RM's adventures can now be immortalized in a visual design of your choosing!

Features & Specifications

  • 14mm Joint
  • Random Color

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MonsterBud RM Glass Beaker Bong
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