R and M Dazzle King 8ml Disposable Vape (6%, 3000 Puffs)

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Strawberry Yogurt
Energy Drink
Green Apple Lemon
Mixed Berries
Lush Ice
Kiwi Berry
Grape Ice
Blue Razz Ice
Strawberry Watermelon
Gummy Bear
Banana Vanilla Ice Cream
Mighty Mint
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R and M Dazzle King 8ml Disposable Vape

Here it is; the R and M Dazzle King Disposable Vape. The Dazzle King disposable vape device has a unique, square shape, and cool designs right smack-dab in the middle. Do you think tigers are cool? So do we, and so does the R and M Dazzle King. 

Do you think delicious flavors are excellent, too? This comes in a dozen fantastic flavors.

  R and M Dazzle Flavors:

  • Strawberry Yogurt: The sweet mix of ripe strawberries, and delicious yogurt.
  • Energy Drink: Ever had a bull with red coloring give you wings? You won't get them here either, but you'll feel like it.
  • Green Apple Lemon: Fruit combos don't come much tarter than green apples with the addition of lemon through and through.
  • Mixed Berries: A combination of fruity, berry flavors, blended and piled on top of each other for a fantastic mix!
  • Gummy Bear: Fruit-flavored gummy candy, in a handy vape.
  • Lush Ice: Every flavor group has to have a cool menthol member, and they don't come much cooler than this watermelon-flavored treat.
  • Kiwi Berry: The exotic combination of kiwi fruit and berry sweetness will lasso your tonsils, and hogtie your tongue!
  • Banana Vanilla Ice Cream: If you're the kind of person who puts fresh fruit on their ice cream, this is the juice for you.
  • Mighty Mint: Another fantastic menthol mix! Minty and cool, all at the same time.
  • Grape Ice: Grape and menthol go great together, and this combo is no different.
  • Blue Razz Ice: Blue Raspberry and cool mint follow-up. It's pretty self-explanatory, but fantastically delicious.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: Two great summer fruits that go great together. Tart strawberries and sweet watermelon. They're like two best buddies, if fruits could be friends.

R and M Dazzle King Disposable Device Features:

  • 1x R and M Dazzle
  • 6% Nicotine Salt
  • 8ml of E-liquid
  • 3000 Puffs per Device
  • USB Charging Port

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