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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ohm Science

Ohm Science Handcrafted Coils Box (6 in 1)

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Ohm Science makes using a rebuildable mod easier than ever with their new 6 in 1 coil set. Features Framed Staple, Alpha Braid, Staple, Multi-Strand Fused Clapton, Dragon Skin, and Fused Clapton coil designs. Made from Nichrome, these coils are built to last. 

For Use With Rebuildables Only!

Package Includes: 

4x Framed Staple - 2-28/4-0.1*0.3/36 - 0.26ohm 
4x Staple - 8-0.1*0.4/36 - 0.25ohm 
4x Alpha Braid - 0.3*0.6+40*32 - 0.26ohm 
4x Multi-Strand Fused Clapton - 2-28/9-38/36 - 0.32ohm
4x Dragon Skin - 3*(28/36) - 0.42ohm
4x Fused Clapton - 2-26/36 0.34ohm

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