During the late 1800's, our founder, Octavius Q. Vapes, had a love of invention and vaping which launched him to fame; mostly for pioneering innovations like "Octavius Q. Vapes' Savory Chewing Vapors," and "Octavius Q. Vapes' Water-Instilled Flavored Face-Injections." Between his inventing, our founder, (and his faithful assistant, Armando De La Hoya,) also went on world-spanning adventures; like the time he single-handedly rid the town of Stumblebum, North Carolina of alligators by personally wrestling seventeen alligators into submission with his bare hands, and only losing eight men in the process. He's trekked the Himalayas, supplied vape equipment to the North during the Civil War, and even fist-fought a kangaroo on a cargo plane bound for Peking, for the entertainment of an unnamed emperor.

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in-between, behold some of the most fantastic deals you will ever find on the entire internet, the likes of which you may never see again! In memory of our beloved enigmatic founder, Octavius Q. Vapes, we present to you the Founder's Daily Deals!


Monday's Marvelous Mon-Devices: Every Monday, we will feature a great deal on a particular device, for that day only! Celebrate technical ingenuity with us, and maybe get a new device for a great price!

Tuesday's Two-Fer Juicedays: Tuesdays, we'll have a "buy one get one" sale on a selected juice! More juice for less? That's how Octavius Q. Vapes would have wanted it.

Wednesday's Wondrous Disposable: Every Wednesday, we'll feature a hand-picked disposable for your enjoyment, at a reduced price! Useful, functional, and easily disposable; like Octavius Q. Vapes' famously faithful companion, Armando De La Hoya.

Thursday's Thought-Provoking Throwback: On Thursdays, we'll dust off a product from back in the earlier days; something you may not have picked up back when you first saw it, and are now thinking, "Whatever happened to that thing I almost bought that one time?" Looking back without regret is the whole basis for our Founder's Daily Deals, so we're giving you that chance, too!

Tank God It's Friday: Our founder was a big believer in tanks, even back in the days when they had to be hand-crafted over a blacksmith's forge in the blazing hot summertime. We honor his love of tanks every Friday with a featured tank at a price you won't break a sweat over!


Check back with us daily, and see what surprises our Founder's Daily Deals may have in store for you!

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