We have a new solution that works within the confines of the government’s current laws and legislation!

If you have a business license that’s addressed to your home or have access to your workplace business license….you may qualify for this new shipping method.  All that is required is for you to send us a copy of your business license and we will submit it to the USPS for a "B2B Vaping Shipping Exemption" which should take roughly a week for approval. Once authorized we will add your address to our shipping system for USPS Exemption Shipping. The address listed on the business license is the address we MUST ship to however. So if you are using your workplace business license, please expect to receive your products there. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The document(s) submitted MUST include the words "LICENSE AND/OR PERMIT". 

Et Voilà – you can now get vape juice sent to your home or place of work fast and affordable! (plus all other products can ship via USPS) – If you are in a state or city that has a vape juice ban, however, those bans would still apply.  You are nevertheless still able to get vape devices and other non-nicotine items shipped to your home via this USPS exemption. 

All that is required is to email a photo or a copy of your business license. Please include your email address and phone number and we will contact you once the exemption is granted.

While this may be a little out of left field, we here at EightVape are striving to find any angles or loopholes we can in order to better our customers' experience. So if during the pandemic you made your side gig officially official or happen to work freelance and have a business license, we urge you to submit your information below so we can start shipping your vape juice via USPS again. 



Shipping will be cheaper, faster, and more reliable so if you meet the criteria listed above so let's get the ball rolling and start shipping via USPS once more!


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