Dear VapeFam

We understand that buying vape juice in San Francisco has been tough since the ban. We have offered 0mg Disposables that we can ship to San Francisco but that's not he same and it's a limited selection. As well as all vape hardware.

We have a solution that some of our San Francisco customers are doing and that would require you to use our pick location near me shipping methods. Alameda, CA is not too far and we have some pickup locations in that city. Yes you can order all vape juice and use one of those locations -- Plus we ship to those locations with USPS exemption so it will arrive in 5 to 7 business days. Just check the location that works for you in or near Alameda, CA and BINGO you can get your vape juice again and low prices.

15% Off All Vape Juice & Disposables

Code - 15PUDONIC

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