Valued customers and community, 

Shipping improvements: Some states have experienced slow shipping times in past weeks due to logistical challenges associated with X Delivery. We’ve been in talks with X Delivery to identify congested routes and correct technical problems, and we’re happy to announce that many areas are now experiencing drastically improved delivery times and comprehensive tracking. 

Stopping X Delivery in some areas: Some areas remain affected by slow carrier routes and inefficient final mile carriers. Due to this, we’ve decided to stop shipping with X Delivery in these areas. We'll only offer USPS to customers from these states while we still can. 

X Delivery status: X Delivery is run by very smart people, and they’re solving these challenges at breakneck speeds. When service in your area proves to guarantee fast, affordable delivery, we’ll turn X Delivery back on. If you see X Delivery in your shipping menu, we assure you carriers in your area are fast and dependable.

For customers experiencing delays: Please be aware that some orders placed before April 26th may have tracking issues or delayed delivery times. Thank you for your patience while we correct these problems. If you haven’t received your order in 10 business days, ask us for a refund and we’ll send your money back, no questions asked. 


- Eightvape Team


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