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Lost Vape UB Lite 30W Pod Kit

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Lost Vape
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Lost Vape UB Lite 30W Pod Kit

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The UB Lite pod kit by Lost Vape is a pen-style vape offering up to 30W maximum output and up to 2ml of juice in the pod, perfect for all-day use. Enjoy rapid charging via the included Type-C cable and airflow control to customize your perfect puff. The UB Lite's mod features a button for activation, or simply inhale to begin draw activation. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Size: 115*20.6*19.8mm
  • Aluminum Construction
  • 1000mAh Internal Battery
  • Type-C Charging
  • 7-30W Output
  • Draw/Button Activated
  • 2ml Pod Capacity
  • Side Filling
  • Airflow Control Slide
  • Compatible with UB Lite Coil Series

Package Includes:
1x Lost Vape UB Lite Pod Kit
1x UB Lite L1 0.4ohm Coil
1x UB Lite L5 1.4ohm Coil
1x Type-C Cable
1x Lanyard
1x Warranty Card
1x User Manual


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The Lost Vape UB Lite Pod Kit, is a fantastic 30w device. It provides a sleek, rounded pod with an elegant design, and the body of the device is built from lightweight titanium. It also comes in a wide array of colors:

I don't know who this "Tiffany" chick is, but she looks fantastic in green.


As you can see in the picture, the device is very slim, and conveniently sized. You can slip it easily into a pocket, purse, particularly sturdy tube sock, king sized candy bar wrapper that you've left on the floor after eating the candy, (we don't judge,) or anything else you typically use to reliably store your device. The front of the device is designed with an extra helping of grip texture, for a fantastic non-slip surface.


Look at that grippy goodness. Drink in the majesty, folks.


That body does more than feel good, (that's what she said,) it also houses a powerful 1000mAh capacity battery. You can get almost a full day of standard-use vaping out of this device before you'll need to recharge it; and it recharges with a handy DC 5V Type-C port on the underside of the device.


Oh yeah... there's that sweet, sweet money shot.


There's an LED indicator above the fire button that shows different colors depending on your battery level, so even if you don't get a full day's vape off the device, you'll know when you're running low on power.

The device supports draw-firing, or push-button firing, depending on your preference. You can manually press the fire button, or suck on the mouthpiece to get a big hit of your flavor-filled vapor. This is becoming a more and more prevalent feature in modern devices. Despite its compact, convenience size, the UB Lite Pod Kit provides enough power to support a max output of 30 watts. Even if the device doesn't have a screen or any sort of adjustment controls, it doesn't need it; the device automatically detects the coil and adjusts the power to a suitable level. And of course, as usual, we have science to thank for everything good in the world.


...Thanks, Science!


The pods themselves have a 2ml capacity, which can be refilled from a side refilling system, with a small silicone plug to hold in all of those sweet, sweet juices. The top has a flat mouthpiece which is built into the pod, and is designed for maximum ergonomics; it even has a built-in airflow slider to allow you to adjust how powerful the airflow is. Direct to lung? Mouth to lung? It's your call, baby!


It even has the company logo dead center; LIKE BATMAN. 

And it's all put together so beautifully.


The kit has everything you need from the get-go. Here's what's included:

1x UB Lite Pod Kit
1x UB Lite L1 0.4ohm Coil
1x UB Lite L5 1.4ohm Coil
1x Type-C USB Cable
1x Lanyard
1x Warranty Card
1x User Manual (Just in case you have NO IDEA what you're doing.)


If you can get one of these kits, you should definitely get one. Keep it in your tube sock, adjust your airflows, and brace for greatness. The Lost Vape UB Lite Pod Kit is the conveniently sized device for you!

Until next time, vapers!


In the meantime, check out these other fantastic Lost Vape kits and accessories! Thanks, Science!

Lost Vape UB Lite 30W Pod Kit
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