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Uwell Crown 4 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank (Project Sub-Ohm Edition)

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Uwell Crown 4 Sub-Ohm Tank (Project Sub-Ohm Edition)

Fit for royalty. 

The Uwell Crown 4 Tank is an upgraded sub-ohm vaping atomizer that features a high-quality stainless steel and silicone construction, patented self-cleaning technology, and mesh coil compatibility. 

28mm base diameter. 6mL E-Liquid capacity. 5mL capacity with straight glass. 

New and innovative heating chamber and air channels prevent leakage.

Mesh coils feature double helix design, for even heating and excellent flavor production. 

Top-fill system with threaded design. 

Hand-polished stainless steel. 

Crown 4 atomizers absorb e-juice in the integrated condensation holder and vaporize it—self-cleaning mechanism. 

Compatible with the Crown 4 Coil family

Limited Edition Project Sub-Ohm tank. Fit with PSO engravings/logos, with serial numbers to identify the purchase. One-of-a-king color design.  

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Uwell Crown 4 Replacement Coils

Uwell Crown 4 Replacement Glass

Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 28mm x 54.8mm
  • Capacity: 6mL (5mL with straight glass tank) 
  • Material: Stainless steel, glass, silicone
  • Patented self-cleaning technology
  • Leakage prevention
  • Dual SS904L coil, better corrosion resistance, better flavor
  • Double helix mesh coil heats evenly; excellent flavor
  • Turn 90° to unscrew top cap for filling
  • Hand-polished
  • Limited Edition Project Sub-Ohm tank
  • Fit with PSO engravings/logos, with serial number to identify purchase.
  • One-of-a-king color design. 


Package Includes:

1x Crown 4 Tank
1x Spare Glass Tube
1x 0.4ohm Coil (pre-installed)
1x 0.2ohm Coil
1x Pack of Replacement O-Rings
1x User Manual 
1x Drip Tip Cover


Uwell Crown IV Tank Review

By Jens P.

"What, no mesh coil heads?" And "Man, this crown 4 would have been so much better with mesh coils!" Was what you could hear from every reviewer and the first few vapers to get their hands on the new Crown 4 Tank, which in the current release package of the tank comes with 2 S904 coils and although future versions might, does not include a mesh coil as one of the samples  for new buyers to try out.

Honestly, I feel like with the current market trends this was a bit of a mistake on  Uwell's end and this little delay in releasing the mesh coil or providing much information on the fact it was coming soon caused those who were the first to get the tank to assume that maybe Uwell wasn't even going to release such a coil, but luckily and honestly with little surprise, the mesh coil was made available slightly after the release of the new tank. 

Having waited an extra week to get one, by the time I was able to take my first few drags off the new Crown 4 Tank by Uwell, Mesh coils were already readily available and part of my order. However, I decided to try the 904 SS coils out for the first round, which interested me due to the metal they chose to use, which is supposed to be less corrosive and keep flavor popping longer. Is it another marketing gimmick? So far I would have to say no it is not because even though these are round wire coils much more like traditional coil heads, The high quality of Uwell's coils in particular along with the use of this new material and a somewhat unique pattern of how the coil is shaped inside, are providing a really pleasant vape that I personally find more enjoyable for fruits and some of the more sweet juices.

The 904 SS Coils seem to tone down the right aspects of juices that are sometimes too much for me with mesh, yet at the same time highlight other characteristics that seem to get overlooked when you are getting the rush of flavor that mesh tanks are now known for, making it a really enjoyable vape. The first coil lasted me about 4 to 4.5 days but I tend to be rather picky with when 
the time to change a coil head is, primarily because I find that removing the coil a bit earlier than when it has reached a point of no return and switching it out for a new one allows me to replenish the coils life by giving it a quick bath in some grain alcohol and throwing it in the ultrasonic cleaner for 10 minutes and bam, they are refreshed and actually last me another few days with a flavor close to the way the coil performed when it was new the first time around.

Now just to let you know this is not going to make the coil behave exactly as a brand new one but for those of you who are not buying a sub-ohm tank because 
you think you cannot afford it, maybe this little trick will give you the few extra days it will take to convince you to give this method of vaping, one you likely started with prior to your building days and using RTAs, another shot to experience what the new generation of Sub-Ohm Coil Tanks have to offer. I promise you won't be disappointed and there's always room for more options when it comes to vaping because let's be real, sometimes we just don't want to take the time, or maybe you don't have the time to build so having a reliable other option and flavorful tank such as the Crown 4 can make the perfect substitute and prevent any chance of frustration.

Next up came the mesh coil. So far I have only seen and been able to get a mesh coil for this atomizer with a single chamber of mesh for the air to travel through and am not sure whether other versions are in the pipeline so I was not expecting it to be quite as much of a flavor rush as the Falcon and FreeMax pro triple coils which have a lot more surface area for the juice to be vaporized. That being said, the coil performed really nicely and I have to again give credit to the folks in the factory who are making them, as well as the high level of QC that must be implemented for coils to be so consistent and even upon closer inspection, very accurately built. When I look at many other coils you can see some cotton threads sticking out here or the mesh isn't perfectly straight etc while Uwell's coils seem to always be a little work of art, everything snuggly tucked away and other parts properly installed to make for a really pleasant and consistently enjoyable vape 

It is so important for the mesh to have an equal amount of cotton and pressure around the entire strip or you can easily create hot spots and end up with a lack of flavor so taking the extra time to build the coils right really makes these and older Uwell tanks shine when you compare them to other large manufacturers in China. So ya, basically this one is a winner,... Is it better than the Falcon or the Mesh Pro Tank? I feel like these 3 tanks, which are currently my favorite sub-ohm on the market are so close that it will come down to personal preference and whichever jumps out at you the most because you really can't go wrong with any of the 3 options or all of the 3 options :)

Thanks and Enjoy the vape,
The Vaping Alien

Uwell Crown 4 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank (Project Sub-Ohm Edition)
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