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TRE House HHC 2g Disposable

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TRE House
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HHC 2g Disposable - TRE House

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Get your heads in the clouds with the TRE House HHC Disposable Pen! HHC is the new kid on the block, and TRE House has delivered on THREE excellent-tasting strains! Available in either a Hybrid, Sativa or Indica to give you total control over your high. TRE House HHC uses nothing but the best quality ingredients to ensure the cleanest experience. Give TRE House's HHC disposable pen a try!

Blue Milk (Hybrid): Ready to blast off to the moon? TRE Houses' Blue Milk HHC pen has your back! Not only is this thing insanely tasty, but it provides you with a hearty 1900mg serving of HHC! Sure, this is disposable, but it’s also rechargeable, so you can enjoy approximately 800 puffs of goodness. If you’re looking to get lifted with some premium HHC, you need to pick up your Blue Milk Hybrid HHC pen today!

Lemon Slushie (Sativa): There’s much to love about TRE Houses' Lemon Slushie HHC pen. Not only does this baby taste incredible, but it also provides you with 1900mg of powerful HHC. This disposable is also rechargeable, so you can enjoy around 800 puffs of sweet, sweet Sativa. If you love THC, but want to try a buzz that’s a little different, then you need to pick up a Lemon Slushie and get to Chiefing!

Watermelon Skit (Indica): Watermelon Zkittles is one of the tastiest strains of cannabis that we’ve ever come across. So, it was a no-brainer to craft our HHC pens with this flavor profile. It’s sweet, earthy, and mouth-wateringly delicious, but that’s not all this pen has going for it. Not only does this pen taste amazing, but it also contains 1900mg of powerful HHC. If you love the sweet taste of Watermelon Zkittlez and love getting baked, then you’re going to love this vape! 

Features & Specifications:

  • 1900mg of premium HHC per pen
  • Contains no other cannabinoids
  • Rechargeable for maximum enjoyment (Approx.800 puffs!)
  • Disposable
  • Can get you baked AF 
  • Warning: May cause psychotropic effect
  • Available in 3 strains

Package Includes:

  • 1x 2g HHC Disposable

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