Yami Vapor "Taruto" E-Juice Review


Yami Vapor "Taruto" E-Juice Review

By Jon Yu

This review is for Taruto, by Yami Vapor, currently available at EightVape at a great discount.  With a Japanese-sounding name (Japanese-Romanji-spelled) and Japanese Anime-styled graphics, as well as what looks like Chinese egg tarts featured prominently on the packaging and bottle, I was expecting a flavor that I happen to be extremely familiar with.  While it's not exactly the egg tart that I'm used to, Taruto is still a very tasty vape that I recommend to anyone looking for a sweet dessert vape along the lines of custard.  It's 70%/30% VG to PG, with 0mg/3mg/6mg of nicotine, and is available in 60mL or 100mL Chubby Gorilla bottles.  I was so excited for this flavor, that I bought two 100mL/3mg  bottles of Taruto without having tried it.  

Most of my vaping was done with the Geekvape Zeus RTA on a Wisemec Sinuous P80. It's not a flavor chaser's tank, so you can probably expect more flavor than I did.  That's a good thing, unless you don't like very sweet flavors (but then why are you reading this review?).  I take very long pulls, so I close off my air control about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way.  Though I do turn my temperature control down near 330 degrees with most e-liquids, otherwise it gets way too hot.  However, I think I actually enjoyed Taruto at a slightly higher temperature, around 420 degrees.

I had my usual setup: 316 stainless steel coils with organic Japanese cotton--probably the usual setup for most vapers.  I changed the coils and wicks a couple of times and vaped other flavors in between, but I also got a chance to try Taruto with a fresh set of coils and cotton.  I don't think it mattered all that much, because the flavor is pretty strong, and pairs pretty well with almost any other flavor.  

Okay, so after reading the description, I realized that egg tarts ("dan ta" in Chinese) are also a popular Portugeuse dessert, so that probably explains why it didn't taste the way I imagined.  (Note: I haven't tried the Portuguese variety, so I'm just guessing.)  If, like me, you're used to the Chinese-style tarts, then this might strike you as being very similar: with a little less sweetness and a little more doughiness, but there's still that distinct eggy flavor.  That alone is admirable, as it would've been very easy for them to just put out a generic custard flavor and slap egg tarts on the box.

If you've ever had and enjoyed crème brûlée, then you'll probably like this.  It's very similar, buts get sweeter on the exhale.  The aftertaste is also very sweet, but I can't really pin it down exactly.  Something like caramel or vanilla I guess?  Close, but maybe a little darker and richer.  The only thing I was missing was the light flaky dough, but the crust varies a lot (some are much more powdery), so I wouldn't really put that on Yami Vapors.  Surprisingly, this wasn't as much of a coil-killer as I thought it was going to be, given the sickly sweet smell from the bottle, though it'll obviously cake more quickly than your clear e-juices.  

I found that while I could probably have gone with Taruto as my all day vape, I'd usually switch it up at some point.  I'm not sure why really, since I have a huge sweet tooth and definitely enjoyed this flavor, but that was my experience.  Overall, Taruto is an excellent reproduction of a less well-known dessert and totally worth trying if you're bored of the usual custard flavors.

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