Wow, Wow, Wow: Yami Vapor "Taruto" Review


Wow, Wow, Wow: Yami Vapor "Taruto" Review

By Anthony Rogers

Wow wow wow! This hits the spot. When it comes to custards, there's a lot out there to choose from. With this though, the only way I can describe it is a custard filled pastry inside of a custard. With the first draw off this liquid, I can taste every layer of creamy goodness. It's smooth, thick, and rich. As the golden rule "flavor is subjective" but this is a truly genuine flavor that hits the traditional custard with a slight twist.

The flavor profile is like no other; "presenting a warm flaky crust dessert filled with rich, smooth, and sumptuous custard." With a ratio of 70/30, it's perfect for dripping and tanks.


For all the custard connoisseurs out there, you definitely have to add this one to your arsenal. I firmly believe that this is my new all day vape, every day. It pairs really well with coffee and it really is perfect for all day vaping. 

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