Vaping For Newbies


Vaping For Newbies

By Kendall Steele


So I haven’t actually seen a review, yet, that has been done for newbies. So here you go, some of my subjective experiences and advice.

Taking the first steps is a hard one for sure! For whatever reason you decide to start vaping, I personally started vaping to quit smoking. I saw all the personal improvements that my brother had by quitting and only vaping and thought to myself, I want that. I can testify that it is a struggle for sure. VERY WORTH IT!!

First and for most DO NOT be intimidated! Let’s get to the why you would be intimidated part.

  • Cost

The cost is a big factor, and some see a potential for wasted resources. I can attest that, that’s why it took me so long and why I procrastinated for so long. The cost looks phenomenal but let’s look at the Facts Jack! $6 for a pack of smokes x 7days, that’s $42-$50. You can pretty much buy ANY NEW starter kit for that much! (Personally, that number is based on the fact that I smoked camel menthols and I bought a pack of cigs every day even if I didn’t smoke that much I never ran out.) What I did and what helped me make the leap is, I researched, I looked at reviews and I started looking at local private sellers. (okay so I saw a post on Fb and went with it.) I meet a great guy who would probably be the best car salesman in the world! He offered me some cheap prices for some good vapes set ups. I came out $100 poorer but two complete tank and mod set ups, an extra tank and like 5 things of juice I was fortunate. He was the first step for me though. He also gave me some great advice, “take the time to figure out your vape style and what you like and don’t let a shop change your mind to benefit themselves!”

So moral to this start up expensive, but after you have the mod and tank, you can expect to spend at most $80 a month vaping vs $200 smoking.

  • The Changeover

This was my biggest hurdle, I live with smokers, so when I have a dreadful day, it is easier to want to pick up a cigarette. Resist! Remember why you chose to stop smoking and stick to it! If you slip, while you are slipping, do this, focus solely on what you are doing, think about the taste, focus on the taste and the smell. Gross! Plus the benefits of quitting are so much better, I CAN SMELL AND TASTE EVERYTHING VIVIDLY!!!! It’s sort of amazing!


  • So Much New Knowledge
Ohm, watts, tc, pre-build vs rda, clones, mods, unregulated vs regulated, pods, jull,VG, PG, smok, nakked 100, sour straws, homemade?  All foreign language to you if you aren’t a vaper right? At first stick to the basics, while all of the stated above terms have their advantages and disadvantages. I recommend trying out a vape pen set-up at first most depending on brand anywhere from $15-$50, this set up comes with your basic stuff tank, coil, mod info booklet, some have internal batteries, where others you might need to buy the batteries. If you are more adventurous, I recommend ( price range low to high)

All of these are my personal recommendations, I encourage you all to explore what you like!


  • Image

Okay so depending on your age and social group you may get some odd looks. Ignore them you don’t vape for there pleasure. It’s for you. I work in the medical field I hear it all. I get a lot of looks. Bunch of questions. Between my car and my vape habit you’d think, I’m much younger and probably a dude, I’m not I’m a female and mildly older. 


Okay so for all the other randomness that I have encountered during my exploration as a newbie.

I get weird questions. Like….

What’s it taste like? Why does it smell like that? Why does it make so much smoke? Is it really better? Do you know this or that?

You get misinformed by people…

People will tell you your going to get “pop corn lungs”, do you research and you will see that most of these people are sadly mistaken and absolutely wrong.

People have told me that vaping is worse than smoking, once again research it.

I have also heard “vaping isn’t regulated” “you don’t know what kind of chemicals you are putting in your body” “vaping is a gateway to smoking” ..ect known fact Vaping is FDA regulated and reviewed. Research people! 


Okay so my personal choice of all day everyday vape. Tank Free Max Mesh Pro with a Kanthal mesh coil, and a SMOK T-Priv 2 mod. ADV juice, Psycho Unicorn and Pink Squares

***All of these are my personal recommendations, I encourage you all to explore what you like!***


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