The Best Fruity E-Juices You Can Get

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Reviewing The Best Fruity Vape Juices

By Amber Graham


Let’s talk about juices! I, as I am sure you are, am a juice fanatic. Nothing beats cracking open a new bottle of e-liquid and vaping on something that tastes delicious! Everyone has a list of their favorite juices, but we’re all looking for new ones to try. Today, I’m going to share with you a list with reviews of my top three favorite fruity e-liquids to vape on all day!


3. The Razz! By Dr. Shugar Chitz (Raspberry flavored)


Taking the number 3 spot is The Razz! by Dr. Shugar Chitz. Although all of their juices are yummy, this one is by far my favorite. The flavor is surprisingly creamy and dare I say refreshing? Some raspberry flavored e-liquids are too sweet and overbearing, but this one hits the spot! As a chain vaper, I always like find something that I can vape on all day without the flavor making me sick and this one is perfect for that. This juice reminds me more of a sweet raspberry candy than anything. The packaging is also super cute! Dr. Shugar Chitz’s flavors also have hilarious descriptions for their juices. I always get a kick out of reading them! Make sure you don’t get this juice confused with the chilled version. The packaging is super similar, but the flavors are polar opposites!

2. Blue Razz by Air Factory (Blue raspberry flavored)

Air Factory offers an array of flavors that all taste amazing, which is why they are one of my favorite brands. This flavor is my go to whenever I walk into a vape shop. There is nothing about this juice that I don’t like. Blue Razz has a smooth, sweet taste that no other blue raspberry flavor can compare to. It’s as if the juices changes flavors throughout using it. Sometimes it’s more of a candy taste, other times is like a cold icee. My only complaint is the lack of tartiness, but beggars can’t be choosers, right? Not only is this juice only $11ish dollars for 100ml, but IT DOESN’T GUNK UP YOUR COILS!

1. Drooly by Clown (Grape and berry candy flavored)

I’m not gonna lie. I never expected to like a juice that looked the way this one did. The packaging is a little off putting and creepy, but many friends kept recommending it to me, so I gave in and purchased some. BEST DECISION EVER. This juice is soooo sweet and yummy! It truly matches its description of a mix of grape and berry flavored hard candy. I’m not a fan of many grape flavored things, but I cannot express how amazing this juice is. I have never found a juice that has such a strong flavor, but is still so enjoyable. If you enjoy grape soda or grape lollipops, this is the juice for you.

And that’s it! I hope after reading this, you decide to pick up one of these e-juices and give it a try. I would love to hear about your favorite fruity juices, so let me know by leaving a comment!

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  • Posted on by Gary

    Why do you never have Air Factory Blue Razz in .3? I have been trying for months now and we are into our last bottle.

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