Sour Batch Vape Juice Review



Sour Batch Vape Juice Review

By Amanda McCormick

For all the candy lovers out there, I’ve found just the juice for you. It’s called Batch by Candy King. For those of you who haven’t tried this juice before, you can tell just by the packaging as to what candy inspired it, Sour Patch Kids.


The flavor profile is just that, Sour Patch Kids, the lime, lemon, orange and cherry with a hint of sweet. It does taste just as described, but I’ll warn you now. The first few hits of this juice will take your breath away, literally. It’s almost like when you eat sour patch kids and your lips pucker, but instead of your lips it’s your lungs. But you get the sweetness afterwards.


The lemon and lime are very present in the inhale, and then it turns to the more sweet cherry and orange flavor on the exhale. I guess you could say it follows the tag line from Sour Patch Kids, that first its sour and then its sweet. I tried this once and I’m completely hooked on this juice.


Using it my Smok S-priv, I get pretty good clouds from it as well. The overall flavor is great and it wasn’t super expensive when buying it from EightVape. So if you love Sour Patch Kids or anything sour and sweet I would highly recommend this juice. 


Get Some For Yourself HERE

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