Sigelei Moon Box Is Great If You Need And Upgrade



Sigelei Moon Box Is Great If You Need And Upgrade

The VCiG Moon Box by Sigelei is one of the lightest two battery mods you will find on the current vape market. The tin box design might seem like a device that might be more for starters but to most surprise the it does pack a punch and delivers the wattage needed for most vapers. You may be surprised that the Moon box can reach up to 200 watts The reason this device is not recommend for beginners is that the wattage can be adjusted between 50 to 200 watts. Since the minimum wattage is 50 watts, the coils that you will be using are going to be sub ohm coils.


The Moon box does not include a screen but does allow you to adjust the wattage using it circular potentiometer. The potentiometer has marks for the wattage at 50, 100, 150, and 200. Some vapors may be confused and think that the wattage may only be set to those amounts but the Moon Box does allow you to set increments for amounts in-between but you are estimating the amounts based on where the arrow is marked between the two marks you are setting it between. The potentiometer is snug and will not move unless you clearly are attempting to move it. Meaning it will not move when you have it in your pocket. The Moon box will allow you to use it both with RDAs and tanks and not have an issue connecting with the pin.


Since the mod is very light weight if you use a larger tank (for example the Fireluke or TFV8 ) the mod does become top heavy and it does become a risk to fall over and potentially damage the glass on the tank (specially for those with a fish bowl/ bubble style glass). I normally would recommend using it with a small tank similar to the moonshot or a baby beast if you plan to use it with a tank. Most RDAs are going to fit well as most are not too tall.

Since it does not have a screen you will need to monitor the LED light that is next to the firing button. The mod does allow it to be locked to prevent it from firing in your pocket or bag making it great to travel with. The Moon Box is very simple to use but does include most protection that more expensive mods will have for example battery imbalance protection, low resistance protection, high temperature protection, and high battery output protection. Giving vapors a sense of protection when vaping or attempting to set it up for the first time.

These features make the Moon box a great device for those looking for an upgrade from a single battery mod to a two-battery device. The design is a nice but you also have to remember that since the device is a tin box you do have to be careful with it as it does become a risk to get damage if it is dropped.

For the price point it is an investment worth making. EightVape has the Moon Box for only $19.99, with multiple color options. Just based on the price point it makes it easy to the use the saving to by a tank and/or batteries to make sure you can complete a new set up that looks good and can meet performance needs.

-Carlos Lopez

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