Pink Punch Lemonade by Lemon Twist Review


Pink Punch Lemonade by Lemon Twist Review

By Jacob Ferguson


My thoughts on Lemon twist pink punch lemonade.

First off, let me start by saying this ejuice tastes amazing! It vapes well too. I get flavour throughout the entire hit and massive clouds. It reminds me of lemon flavored suckers, or pink punch with a little candy taste to it as well. You can tell it is premium ejuice because of the flavor and the packaging/bottle it comes in.

Thoughts on the packaging.

When opening it from the package I was greeted with two 60ml bottles, both exactly the same. I really like this idea when buying ejuice in 120ml sizes because while you are vaping one bottle, the other one stays sealed and fresh. I really think other companies should take notes on this style of packaging because it is smart and its the way all ejuice should be.

Thoughts on vaping it for the first time.

I put new coils in my RDA, fresh wicks and coated it with this ejuice. The moment I pressed the fire button and inhaled, I knew this ejuice was going to be great. A very strong pink punch lemonade flavor was what I got on the inhale and the exhale had a more candy style taste. Very good flavor with this ejuice. And the clouds were huge! Pretty good for 70vg/30pg ejuice. Hands down one of my favourite ejuices.


I’d say this ejuice lasts a while without losing flavour, I kept the other bottle for a good 3-4 weeks before opening it and the flavor was the same maybe a little better. To me, that is good because most people do not keep ejuice for very long, but if you were too it would still be going strong.

How it affects coils.

This ejuice is very great on coils. With 3mg it is clear, the bottle I kept sealed for 3-4 weeks was still clear. Which is great because with clear ejuice it does not ruin your coils, and this ejuice is very great with coil life. It is not heavily sweetened, its clear and that is what you want when you buy ejuice because if using a sub ohm tank you want your coils to last a while. I’ve used this ejuice in my RDA and in my sub ohm tank and it's been great on both.

Overall thoughts

I really do think you should give this ejuice a try. Especially if you love pink punch! Or even just sweet flavors because it definitely is on the sweet side. You’ll like the packaging it comes with, having two separate bottles to keep one fresh is amazing, the bottles have nice designs on them as well. It's also easy on coils! Which is something you really appreciate overtime, don’t want to be replacing coils every 5 days. Overall you should just try it out, it is very good ejuice and it will not disappoint you. I just have to say again the flavor really is amazing.. Nothing can compare to this ejuice in terms on lemon flavored ejuice. Thank you for reading my review.

I also have to thank Eightvape for the fast shipping and the great prices!


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    If this isn’t heavily sweetened I have no idea what is. It’s loaded with artificial sweeteners and kills coils. Tastes nothing like an actual pink lemonade should be. Actually made my mom and I cringe. There’s a good reason why it’s so we’ll priced..

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