HohmTech Is My Homie



HohmTech Is My Homie

By Wendy Friedman

When it comes to Lithium Batteries~I don’t play, and either should you. 


“A Lithium or Li-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery in which Lithium ions move from the *negative electrode to the *positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. “Li-ion batteries use an intercalated lithium compound as one electrode material”.

   Did you get ALL that? No, I didn’t think so. We’re not all chemists, but if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you vape. Lithium-ion batteries are common rechargeable batteries for portable electronic devices, and are also popular in military, and aerospace applications. Whoa!! Where’s the part about Vaping? Yeah, I’m feeling you. 

   I’m trying to make a point. Lithium Batteries are NO joke. There’s always that one person who doesn’t know how to handle them, and <BAM>, we all look like idiots! Lithium batteries can be a safety hazard since they contain a flammable electrolyte and may be kept pressurized. A battery cell charged too quickly could cause a short circuit, leading to explosions and fires. Do you read the warnings that EightVape always posts (as should all responsible Companies), at the bottom of the description? It’s in the small print we find ourselves skipping over. I’m with you, there’s a lot small print everywhere, and it gets a bit tedious. However, this is the print~you need to read!

   *Battery Safety* is the one of the most important things to learn about vaping, unless you’re a “USB” kinda dude. I was, (No! Not a dude!), a USB, internal battery kinda gal. But, there may be a time when you want to graduate to the 18650s, 26650s, or the 20700s. You never know. Before you do, please educate yourself on battery safety? Cool? Say “YES”, cause it IS cool!!

   I love to use external battery Mods, like most of of you. If you’re still with me, you probably do too. I’m just looking out for my peoples. I can’t stress enough how important it is to use the right battery (the wonderful peeps at EV are ALWAYS here to help you!), and it’s not as complicated as it sounds. If you follow some simple, easy rules, I know you can do it!

  Here’s a few rules that you have to remember:

  • Always make sure you use the right battery/batteries 

The type of battery required is displayed clearly in the description of the Mod 

  • Wrap it up

You’ve heard that before somewhere, right? Keep the battery wrapped and inspect for any damages. This shouldn’t happen often, if you follow the next rule.

  • Keep them in a “Safety Case”

Do NOT throw loose batteries in your pocket!! *This could cause you to become one of the statistics, or idiots, I so kindly referred to above*.

There are many type of cases, use what you like

**The picture below is an example of just some of the proper ways to do it**

  • "Marry” them

The overall divorce rate is like 59% I believe? Not in the World of Batteries. Most Mods require 2 of the same Batteries. Keep the love going by keeping the SAME 2 Batteries together~till death do they part! 

*Hint* Buy in PAIRS. 

  • Buy them from EightVape (You knew this had to be a rule!).

Okay, it’s not absolutely required, but if you don’t, please purchase from a trustworthy site. There’s plenty of imitators out there~no surprise with that!


 I own several different types of Batteries. Like with everything, you’ll find some are better than others. Following the *Safety Rules* is imperative, your preference, is your own. I love HohmTech. I know I’m buying a quality product, authentic and long-lasting. I can’t tell you what you have to use, only to please use it correctly. I’ve never been disappointed with this brand, and I own several married pairs from several different companies. I always use cases, and own a few battery chargers. Battery chargers is another topic, for another time. I also know you’re thinking 🤔 “when is this girl going to shut up!” Ha!

   Think that’s my que! I’m going to WRAP UP this MARRIAGE RIGHT <Pun totally intended!> with a photograph that will hopefully shed some light, and tears of joy from some of you (Yes! I’m finally finished!). It’s been fun, but in all seriousness, please keep it cool~and be safe!!

Vape 💨 On!!


Get Yourself Some HERE

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