Hands Down One Of The Best Juices I Have Tried



Hands Down One Of The Best Juices I Have Tried

By Jackie Arturi

This juice is hands down one of the best juices I have tried. The quality of the product is amazing and the flavor is insane. If you are looking for a premium juice that will not break the bank ....you have found your match. I have tried so many different brands and flavors and I have yet to find anything that comes close to Naked 100.

The only negative ....once you try this wonderful, magical , delicious ejuice ....you won’t want anything else. All your other juices will taste cheap and not as flavorful after these guys.

Now for the flavors! My ultimate favorite is the berry belts. I honestly started laughing when I took the first hit of it just because it was downright delicious! Like I said, I have tried so many different EJuices and was never completely satisfied. This baby did the trick!

I tend to have 3-4 different flavors at a time just to switch it up and alternate bottles. Another amazing flavor is the Lava flow. That little burst of coconut is a party in your mouth ! I actually just got my 62 year old father into vaping and he is absolutely hooked on Lava flow. If tropical is your forte, then you have met your match.

I cannot get him to try anything else other than this specific flavor. It’s either (A) delicious or (B) he’s just a stubborn old man. I haven’t decided yet lol keep on keeping on pops!

Onto the next DELICIOUS goody is the green blast. One of my absolute favorite flavor palettes is anything containing green apple. It’s funny because I HATE Granny Smith apples , but give me an ejuice with green apples and I’m good to go. Green blast has a great combination of green apples, melons and a slight hint of kiwi. How could you possibly go wrong with any of that?

The most impressive part to this brand, is you can taste every flavor note. Many other juice lines have an array of flavors in them, but 75% of them you are unable to taste. Naked 100 has perfected their flavor notes.

Another aspect to their juice that I love is the bottles. I love the glass bottle with the classic dripper top. It makes it very simple to fill my tank and not make a huge mess. I am a mommy of 3 boys ...ages 5 and under ....the less mess the better for this gal.

Also when I have this juice in my tank it is such a treat for me especially since you could imagine how my days are on a daily chasing 3 little maniacs around morning noon and night :-) Anyways .. if you want an amazing juice that will never disappoint- NAKED 100 all the way!

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