Drop Dead RDA Review


Drop Dead RDA Review



The Drop Dead RDA is a combination of the wildly popular Dead Rabbit RDA from Heathen and the Drop RDA from The Vapor Chronicles, manufactured by HellVape. These prior rda’s were some of the most popular choices for a well crafted rebuildable, and this collaboration is arguably even better than the originals. Constructed of stainless steel and 24mm in diameter, this product incorporates many clever design features, looks pretty damn sharp, and chucks some huge clouds!



Right off the bat, I really found the Drop Dead to be a beautiful little rda. I personally choose the piano full black version that comes with the red drip tip (a clear one is also included in the kit). The drip tip has an amazing glossy resin look and has a metal band around the bottom with the word “Hellvape” on it. I've heard critics say they didn't like the metal band but I think it adds a nice overall touch. On the body of the rda, it appears to have a line where you would think the rda splits when you take it apart, buts it's only decorative.


The design features a double D logo with the dead rabbit in the middle, signifying the Drop Dead collaboration. Overall it's just a very well thought out design, simple while remaining very stylish.



I've tried this rda with both single and dual coil, obviously it's performs its best as a dual coil cloudbusting machine. Single coil ends up kind of wispy with very thin vapor, too much air, and no improvements in flavor. Getting your coils to the right height can be a bit tricky at first. I found that by estimating their height then using the side tube air flow vents held up next to it, I'm able to get great placement. It's got the Drop style postless deck so your wire leads can be clipped from underneath, which definitely makes it a lot easier to get the right length. I've found the best results with having the air vents at just the same height as the coils themselves, with 3 of the 7 vents closed in each row.


The top cap angles the air downwards which helps it travel under the coils and up through them. Through lots of testing of different placement, I've had the very best results with pushing the coils closer to the side air vents rather than having them close to each other in the middle of the deck. Not only is there a flavor improvement but when placed in the middle it tends to give some spit back, and hot liquid juice in your mouth is quite undesirable. Wicking needs to be loose enough so that you can easily pull it through your coils without displacing them or getting really any resistance. Make sure to fluff out your cotton and leave enough to bring it down to the base and have the tiniest amount sitting on the base to soak up juice. I then like to push any cotton away from the middle and towards the side. This way it's easy to drip right down the middle and when you lean your vape over, juice flows into the cotton.



Getting your coil placement at first can be a little annoying so remember you'll need a healthy amount of patience when you're starting out. One side of the coil can tend to be further up or down than the other after you screw down the first lead. I've found that placing the vape on its side so the coils are held in place horizontally can help a lot to get their height even. The main con I'd have to say is that this rda tends to get pretty hot after vaping on it for a while, especially when chain vaping. Placing the coils closer to the vents is a factor but it's much better having to give it a few seconds to cool rather than having those coils in the middle. Also when hot, the top cap has a tendency to get stuck in the body of the rda making it pretty much glued in there. Just let it cool a bit and it will come out again. I'd recommend smearing a little ejuice around the top cap and bottom base o rings to help them glide easier.


Final Thoughts

I think this rda produces some amazingly tasty flavor and very thick vapor. Since getting it, I haven't wanted to use anything else recently. It's easy to drip right down the middle, I'd also say it helps to drip a few drops directly on the coils since they're pretty high up in this rda. The heat buildup is the only downside and it's pretty easy to let it cool for a few seconds between puffs, all the pros make this an rda I would recommend any day of the week. It looks amazing on top of my Aegis Legend, I enjoy the simple shape but striking colors it has. Since coils last a while it's really only wicking you'll be regularly maintaining and that's a piece of cake. For the price I think this rda is an easy 9/10 and I've been very pleased with it. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts!


Get The Drop Dead RDA HERE

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