I love my VOOPOO Caliber


VooPoo Caliber Review

Carrie Jo Osburn

I love my VOOPOO Caliber. And the green is killer looking. *whistles*
It's an easy to use tube style mod that has killer battery life. I'd give battery life a 10/10. One feature that helps extend this battery life is if it sits for 30 minutes it entered a stand by mode. One quick press of the button and it wakes right up. It also charges quickly. From dead to charged in about 2 hours
I am not a tank user but this tank has great flavor. I'm talking 8/10. The flavor doesn't seem to fade after several tanks either. No dry hits and I am a chain vaper. Clouds for days. Big white pillowy clouds. 
It's a semi warm vape which is right up my alley. If you like a warmer vape you can definitely achieve that by closing some of the air off. Speaking of air. There's tons. Three very large adjustable air holes
It fires very very quickly. Almost instantly. I can not imagine a device firing faster. It actually startled me the first time. 
It has 2 tank glass options. A 3.5ml bubble glass and a 5ml standard straight glass. I like the look of the bubble as it gives the device some curves. 
To refill you just push the top, fill it up, and close it up. One button. One light. Nothing to adjust, you simply push the button and vape. The charger port is on the side so you can charge it standing up. It does have the pass through so you can vape while plugged in if you get desperate. I have also experienced no leakage with this device even when I refill the tank with air holes open. This is a huge plus for me. No mess or wasted juice.
The body of the device has a slightly rough texture which to me is perfect because it keeps it firmly in my hands. 
I do not have very many cons for this device. 
Appearance is great although I do wish that the tank detailing was gold to match the device trim. Also the drip tip feels a bit cheap as it's made of a thin plastic. You can change it out for an 810 tip with rings. 
Another appearance con for me is no matter how many times I tried I could not get the front of the tank to line up with the front of the device. This does make my OCD unhappy but it certainly does not effect the use of the device. 
Overall I would have to give the entire setup a 9/10 for  beginner to intermediate vapers. It definitely makes a great grab and go vape which is perfect for driving, shopping, or any circumstance where bulkier mods or RDAs are not practical. Because it shuts off with a quick 5 clicks it would work great to carry in a back pocket or pocket of a purse. Carrie Jo gives it a gold star.
Remember vaping saves lives. 
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