Vaporesso Gen Review, World's First Hands on Review


Vaporesso Gen Review, the World's First Hands on Review

We’ve got a special device to review for all of you today, introducing the brand new Vaporesso Gen Mod! We’re the first US company in the world to test these devices for a hands on review, I kinda snuck this one off of the tester shelf to give our blog fans a preview of this amazing device before it hits stores. If you’re looking for a new mid to high end mod let me tell you why the Vaporesso Gen is the perfect choice!

The Looks

Vaporesso took a very subtle approach to the design of these Gen Mods. There’s no flashy resin panels or giant light up logos, just a small and simple Vaporesso Brand logo to decorate the front and rear panels. A slight rounded curve to each edge of this mod makes it very ergonomic for long vaping sessions.

You might notice that, unlike most box mods, the Gen is very lightweight yet still sturdy and resistant to flexing. This is because each panel is coated 4 times with a soft silicone spray, making it slip resistant and almost as durable as standard metal or PCB box mods while still being lightweight.

Vaporesso Gen Mod

Available in both solid colors and a pair of faded two tone color schemes for an elegant look. The control panel is built with 3 settings adjustment buttons and a chic copper accented firing button up top. A compact 0.91” OLED screen displays settings and vape data, perfect for swapping fire modes on the go.

How It Works

This is where the Vaporesso Gen mod really comes into its own as an affordable high end device. For less than the cost of a DNA chip powered device, you get a AXOM chipset packed with an insane variety of settings and features including a few rarely seen on standard vape devices. Not to mention, with its dual 18650 battery power, this device can reach a max wattage of 220W!

Vaporesso Gen Mod


You’ve got DIY mode which comes with standard VW but also includes Soft, Normal, and Hard Preheat modes. Then Variable Temperature control with SS, NI, Ti, and MI. I don’t even know what MI is but apparently the Gen does! There’s also Smart TC, which reads the resistance of your coils and automatically sets the best output for those coils. I don’t even know if there’s a DNA chip that can pull that off.

Finally you have your pulse mode, a very interesting fire mode which is designed for veteran vapers. The pulse mode functions similarly to VW modes in that you set whichever wattage you want to vape at based on your knowledge of the coils. What's different about pulse mode is once it reaches that set wattage it pulses the battery current on and off every .02 seconds. This prevents the coils from overheating and allows you to take longer puffs off of your device.  

Vaporesso Gen Pulse Mode

There’s even a handy Power Eco mode which automatically prompts you to activate when the device reaches 40% battery or lower. I’ve been taking advantage of this mode and it works so well that I can vape all day and still have power left when I throw the cells on a charger overnight.

The Verdict

I absolutely love this device, it’s even replaced the YiHi SXmini SL Class I have as my everyday vaporizer! There’s plenty of devices that come in at a lower price point, but nothing with anywhere near the amount of function that the Gen has. If you’re looking for a powerful device with plenty of wattage range, tons of settings, and more customization options than a DNA Chip, check out the Vaporesso Gen mod.  


  • Posted on by SM

    Just be careful with their support site and their support staff. I just had to return a Luxe Nano due to it apparently already being end of life (no more firmware upgrades). It was shipped with a newer firmware than what is posted on their support site. I preordered the Gen, but not sure how long they will be supporting it.

  • Posted on by Tracey W.

    I have every vaporesso mod out right now except the lux Sophie and this one. From what I’ve learned and from using the mods daily Vaporesso beats most 9 times out of ten for me. From the mod and it’s design to the onboard os to the tanks and coil systems. My accounts for purchase here and one other place reads more than what my car costs. On purpose. I wanted to test them all. I’ve tested smok vaporesso lines almost all their products. Smok puts together a good mod however vaporesso stepped up their game considerably. Denser flavor hits the sweetness really coming through for me. Smok not so much. But still like them as a back up and in my weekly rotation. I currently run 8 mods 4 on 4 off for steeping. I will buy this mod when it does come on the market to complete my collection. I’m sure it has all of the features of the rest of my vaporesso mods with a few added goodies on the side. I can trust vaporesso and the products they put out so I know I will not be disappointed. I have ordered the new drag 2 platinum as well and will be starting on the Voopoo line. I have a feeling I’ll be going back to Vaporesso as the standard against the rest. The coils last forever and I vape heavy in the daily. These mods stand up to the test. While graceful in appearance and design I’ve driven off with one of these on my roof gone back to get it and it’s still going strong. Their tanks can be a pain to deal with at times if you have to replace the seals. Other than that they’ve earned 5 stars from me I’m sure I’ll like this one as well. When I read the review …yes it sounds like it has all the same features as the revenger x and the rest maybe 1 or 2 more. Smaller design. But. Mostly the same specs. Actually have it up on a split screen reviewing it now.

  • Posted on by Mjag

    Please, the Drag sucks, the most overrated chip on the market. This review read like an advertisement though, Vaporesso can make a decent mod so not ruling it out. If the reviewer wants to send me his SL thatvwas replaced by this I would be happy to take it off his hands ;-)

  • Posted on by Mike Cavanaugh

    So basically the DRAG from Vaporesso

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